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  1. Doubt it that the top of the line hardware would cause the line to break, never had an issue with it up until the yama update
  2. Im playing on Geforce Now, no idea what hardware they use in their server park, i can only see that the card is RTX 2060
  3. Hello guys With the Yama patch and the new line physics ive got some weird bugs present in the game The first one is when the rod would follow the movement of the fish ( bite/swim) but the line doesnt react to these changes On the pic below the bite alarm would indicate a bite but the line stayed slack until the point the fish started to swim away This is on Geforce RTX 2060 card dont know if that matters Thanks @Ragnarocek for the help The second one, when fighting a fish the line breaks at the tip of the rod, tried it with both casting/carp/spinning rods this doesnt change the behavior of the line
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