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  1. Hey guys, I hope next year you will stay and think about something like this, you really screwed everything, how can you put a qualifications on Old Burg with lvl 12 required and Semi-Final on Kuori with lvl 16 required at a 1 week timestamp, do you imagine if a player at lvl 12 had a good RNG and was in first 50 players and maybe his work would make him unable to get lvl 16 in 5 days. Please next time think over these situations. Tight lines.
  2. It is a great idea indeed, maybe 30 days is a long time, but like maybe 2 weeks at least will be great. Let's see what Admins/RF4 staff have to say about it. A BIG LIKE for the idea.
  3. Hey there, here are some questions/suggestions after Q&A from last Sunday: 1. Access points(max 3 access points should be set per map, with a daily/weekly/monthly fee, you go there and set the access point for 1 month for example, and in the next month after you travel to that map, you just click on the access point and choose travel there or delete point) on big maps, when you do not want to troll or spinning from boats, or even some bridges between canals, or maybe some Ferries as we have on Volkhov. 2. Records on Ultra Light category, should be separated in 2 sub-categories: UL Telestick and UL Spinning 3.Portable camp fire, so we can cook our meal/drinks where we also fish. 4. Rain coat, sun glasses. 5.To be able to set POI(points of interest) on in game maps. 6. The fish from the Statistics -> Catch when you click on them to have details like: time of catch, setup(lures, boiles, baits, etc), cords, if it's possible depth, clip, etc Thank you
  4. Only using Fortuna Carp rod, with 39kg test, you will need to lower the setup(line or leadcore or/and leader) after like few months of use, because of blank damage, instead using an Avalon or Sage rod you can fish for 1 year for sure if not more.
  5. Hello there, From long time I wanted to put this post here, but look now I really do it. From my opinion using a 5.6kg rod you should not be able to get a fish bigger than 7-8 maybe 10 kg("maybe"), but it seems that there are some bugs and players are able to get out fish much bigger than they should be. Just check the screenshots from the Records in Game and the biggest UL telestick rod(5.6kg). So from my point of view: 1. We should be able to catch 100kg fish with Blade Inferno(25kg rods) but I also had a from time to time on Inferno blade(25kg) tele line is broken on amber when I should be able to get 100kg fish out based on UL tele records(5.6kg rod vs 26kg fish, that Grass carp caught on UL by Apone1, which is 4 time bigger than the rod capacity) 2. Or the game is bugged or they are abusing a bug in the game and they should be banned from the game because of it. Screenshots attached.
  6. Hello, I would say that if you catch 50 fish without marker(green one), you might be using wrong hooks, try to use bigger hooks first, it seems you find the spot, but not the proper gear(hooks, leaders, etc).
  7. I had this error few years ago when I tried to pay on RF4 with a credit card and the bank blocked that credit card, after I call the support from the bank to unblock and whitelist the payments on RF4(Xsolla) I was able to fulfill the payments until now.
  8. Hello Ragnarocek, Thank you for your answer.
  9. Hi, I wanted to check how I am able to register a team for team vs team tournament(Euro Barbel Camp), and I noticed that I cannot add my assistants to my team, the checkboxes can be checked. Also one of my assistants tried also and he cannot add me(captain of the team) or the other assistant to his team. Is this how you wanted to be, the assistants to not be able to be in the captain or any other assistant team or is a bug? Thank you.
  10. Hi there, I just clicked on 2 from 3 links from team vs team tournament https://rf4game.com/forum/index.php?/forum/109-gameplay-support (error: "We could not locate the item you are trying to view.") and https://rf4game.com/forum/index.php?/topic/3296-tournament-suggestions/&tab=comments#comment-30084(error: "You do not have permission to view this topic.") from this page: PAGE: https://rf4game.com/account/forum_tournaments/337cec0d-695f-41cb-861b-f10c04133739/ , and both links are not working. Regards
  11. Hi, I'm sure that I'm not the only one who will enjoy using some filters and discard button on some screens in RF4 game. Filters - on any screen(inventory, or when the users will want to send items to other players) : - if the category item(for example lures) you want to send have the attribute "quality" to be able to filter by the lures quality. - add a filter for categories, example: I want to send/add to favorite or use a hook size 6 for wacky rig, if I search for s6 in the hooks section I would like also to be able to select a filter for the hook type(category: classic, carp, offset, treble, etc) Discard button: - when a user is crafting any type of items, I would like to have near the "OK" button a "Discard" or "Delete" button Thank you.
  12. The game is still down, check forum/rf4 discord for news/updates.
  13. Map : Yama River Coords : 102:165 Lure/Bait : West Siberian K006 In game name : botzy
  14. Hello, Current Fish of the Week title is " Fish Of The Week 20/06 - 27/06" , which is wrong, it should be 04/07 - 11/07 .
  15. Go to rf4game.com and click on Register button from top right of the screen, and use a different username and email address that you already have used in relation with rf4 game until now.
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