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  1. botzy


    Thanks for the answer, been away from gaming pc for a while. But I hope I'll be back soon. Take your time for fixing these smaller issues ;). Hope everything's good on your side. Cheers.
  2. botzy


    @Elwoodiath2 - yes, I am in a group/private chat channel, different than the zone chat channel. But until that Burbot all the other fishes were displayed in the chat.
  3. botzy


    @Elwoodiath2 - hi, I just caught a 8kg Burbot on Yama river, spot 150:144 , but it did not show in the chat.
  4. @Cruzer27 - sorry for my last comments, it was late and I forgot that best 5 results counts, you are right. sorry again. Disregards my comments, thank you.
  5. @Cruzer27 - can you please post all competitions top 10 places so we can do the math, just to be sure that no points were missing. Thanks a lot.
  6. @Cruzer27 - I hear Shadows with 32 points before last comp, finishing on 4th place(7points) +1 for participation means 40 points, not 39. No?
  7. @Cruzer27 - if I had 33 points and I finished on 2nd last comp, that means I have 43 points, 9 points for sec0nd place and 1 for participation, why I have 40 points only? Should I start counting the points from beginning?
  8. Hello again, I got an answer related to prizes from pyramids, please disregards my previous comment, thanks.
  9. Hello, if someone got a trophy from pyramids , when the prize will be injected into the player account? I won the rebelion for catching a grass carp trophy in Darkevil stream, and 500 silver for a trophy bream in Fran stream. Thanks, botzy ign. PS: Happy Easter.
  10. I agree, for new fish on the leaderboard, but for the same fish, which is number 1 in weekly, and nobody got the same fish to be in the top, how the points are changing in like 2-3 hours for 4 times?
  11. @diurea36 indeed, now from 6500 it's 4600, I think someone from RF4 will come with an answer why the points are randomly changed even if there are no other fish caught.
  12. Hi again, I checked again , and now it shows 6500 points. Thanks for fixing.
  13. Hi, I'm Valentin Botog and in game name is botzy. I have a question on how the points are calculated, right now I'm first on Weekly TelescopicRecords for Caspian Kutum, but it shows 460 points , and for Amuni who is on second place with 3250 points, can check how the points are calculated for telescopic weekly records. Attached is the screenshots from in game records/ Thanks
  14. botzy

    Easter Event

    Hey guys, I just had an awesome idea for Easter Event, maybe it's a late to do this but I think it could be develop in the game: eggs hunting with the shovels, to get prizes or something. Botzy, Have a great weekend
  15. Again, AWESOME work guys, GG! GG! 1. Is the current competition start time suitable for you? 21:00 CET/15:00 EST - it's good 2. Would you be happy with the weekend competition being on Saturday instead of Sunday? - No, Sunday is better 3. What maps/fish would you like to fish in the future? - Kuori(sevan/burbot, char, kuori char), Seversky 4. Would you like to see more low level maps? - 1 or 2 per league it's enough 5. Are zebras black with white stripes or white with black stripes? - yes
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