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  1. Nero Gaming

    Feeder Fishing Q&A

    i just buy the rod and on the skill tab don't show anything. i don't think is working!(i buy the feeder rod wich say the same thing)
  2. Nero Gaming

    Feeder Fishing Q&A

    just a noob question. if i buy that rod from the picture below and i already got 3 points on paternoster that will be a total of 5 points in paternoster rig? he picture down
  3. Nero Gaming

    Mosquito Lake

    any spot for frog's ?
  4. Nero Gaming

    Campfire stories

    I spend 2 days in the forum looking for options because I got the same problem like u and shouting there and there about fish rate. In one post a dev his name I think is gytaulis or something like that he say that they make the fish more like real life and they may have change behaviour on some lines/lures/hooks etc also he point about fluorocarbon lines. Obviously I don't have silver for that because I was not catch any fish to sell. So I buy 10 gold with real money and transform them at the atm on 1000 silver and buy decent equipment after that the catch rate for me was back in like before. Don't forget that is a free to play game and they need some things to do keep the servers running investing in the game and even the electricity the server use. U don't pay any monthly subscription so if u don't like their marketing ideas u don't play because u don't afford it. I play a mmorpg for more like 6 years and paying a monthly sub of 10€. So if u like the game u can invest 10€ for better equipment helping u and the game to expand.
  5. Nero Gaming

    Campfire stories

    First is not an mmorpg game is a simulation game. And when u go fishing in real life not all the time u catch fishes. And I fish on kuori spinning and feeder and got no problem.
  6. Nero Gaming

    Campfire stories

    I think that's ok. If u will do 500 silver in 1 or 2h real life in less than 2 week as u will have everything that is actual in game. U will get bored and don't play anymore because u will say there is nothing new nothing to do. I usually make like 200 silver in 3 or 4h if I get luck to do some coffee shop orders. I say that is ok like now it is. And also u have to find new methods and new ways to catch fish and that because they are able to adapt to the lines/lures/baits etc.
  7. Nero Gaming

    Kuori Lake

    So last night after work I catch some pike there and other people to. Use Hunter 1 or hypnotic spoon.
  8. Nero Gaming

    Kuori Lake

    On that place on kuori yesterday therecwas around 25 player so think about.
  9. Nero Gaming

    Kuori Lake

    Yea for me is working great on spining. Go on kuori lake and go right of the map after the camp and use fluoro line and leader and Hunter spoon yellow/red or green and u should do around 200-250 silver in maximum 3h. If u get lucky u can get out from there some monster fish like burbot/trout/and char good luck
  10. Nero Gaming

    Kuori Lake

    So after the update I lost some time looking and searching for new methods for fish (not big ones just as many I can for silver) so I try some different things places and I find out that I got the most fish on fluorocarbon line and leader with Hunter spoon. I farm around 200+silver on kuori in 3h including orders from coffee shop. Hope this help u guys have a nice day. ( I have to invest some money obviously to practice some new methods) . Tight lines Kind Regards Nero Twitch.tv/nero_ro
  11. Nero Gaming

    Campfire stories

    i just change my setup a little bit i use fluorocarbon line and leader and i can see a slighlty improvement on catching rate so will see if i give a little chance or not
  12. Nero Gaming

    Campfire stories

    i know this is what i am saying THEY DON"T LOOK LIKE THEY CARE
  13. Nero Gaming

    Campfire stories

    i don't think they really care, that we like this game like how it was before, to start playing and invest some real money and what i see some of the dev think they are goods and get fustrated by people opinions people who sustain this game. i start play this game with 6 friends of mine now i end up playing alone most of the time. it is what it is.
  14. Nero Gaming

    Looking for Company

    hi there fishers i create a facebook page for Romanian Fishers so please come join us! https://www.facebook.com/groups/157135934947964/
  15. Nero Gaming

    Streams and Vids

    hi u can find my streams about Russian Fishing 4 on twitch.tv/nero_ro
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