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  1. martinenn

    Giving up

    This is not real life. I was a part of the community, and i did research, not some, i spent a good amount of hours on it. Premium does not give you silver. 780+ hours in game is a LOT of hours, and should make you the top tier player in any game, yet you, just like a lot of players (me included) makes you moan about lack of silver, which kinda proves my point.
  2. martinenn

    Giving up

    those 1000 hours + people that quit for the reasons stated did not 'give in easily', nor does it change any of the things that i have stated. still, i'm glad you enjoy it, i know i will not... nor will i spend more money on it, which i would if i saw any point, which i don't.
  3. martinenn

    Giving up

    Hi everyone, i want to share my experience with the game so that maybe the game improves since i really like it. i've spent about 150 hours ingame, spent gold coins, bought premium a few times. And for the past 20 hours or so, i couldn't get my silver up. I tried a lot of places, a lot of lures, hooks and everything, and the silver still in total floats around the same number and i haven't even spent money to repair. I have no idea what i did wrong. I watched youtube i read this forum i spoke to people ingame, still no perception on progress in terms of money. I've reached lvl 20, went to volkhov and earned 50 silver in about 8 hours of gameplay. I am 38 years old, i've played videogames since i was 4 and i've fished since i am 10. I am giving up and telling you that this is wrong in hope that maybe something changes because, as i said, i like the game, the mechanics of fishing are really sweet. But the amount of silver you earn is just way too low. And i'm not the only one, nor am i an exception in all that i have stated. There are many thinking the same. whatever the result cheers and good luck with your product
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