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  1. Team name:Vikings Team captain: pikey123 Team members LOUI3 Jonbea6 maras5 Cypher_x9
  2. hi elwoodiath currently my inventory remains as it was . so still multiple tiles for items. ty
  3. hi there. after the last patch where inventory items should be bunched together. my inventory hasnt changed at all and still shows multiple tiles of the same item..
  4. Team Name: The Vikings Team captain: pikey123 Team members: GinceYT TheAsarya Frenky_logar cypher_x9
  5. any thoughts on having regional prize's rather than just overall. i would like to compete in the regiona i am playing in...
  6. pikey123


    would be good to be able to view comp progress for comps you are not actually in.. so for chat groups that are running comps, or streamers running comps
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