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  1. it's a very neat idea, although during the countless hours i have spent on archi, i cannot remember ever having driven back to base... i just relog if the boat ticket hasn't expired, probably due to not wanting to waste any valuable boat ticket time
  2. try Technical Support: support@rf4game.com it's usually a faster response than waiting for a moderator to come across your thread.
  3. I believe there's also now a level restriction on sending any items, I have a feeling it was level 20. I discovered this when I accidentally sent my entire stock of bread wine to a new player...although he had prem he couldn't send it back until far higher level...naturally he disappeared from the game
  4. Wouldn't blame them if they've been partying over the last week
  5. they tend to have a bit of a summer vacation, updates are often towards the end of the year or before summer. I have to say that a bit of fresh content is eagerly awaited.
  6. and faster repair times, that's always been a popular request as a prem perk.
  7. Be nice... I know rf4 is always fighting a battle against system resources but it doesn't need to be realtime, once and hour or 2 updates would be fine.
  8. Just a few selected observations. You just need to accept that this is a very tough game and its not suited to many gamers, in fact thats why many of us enjoy the challenge of it compared to others, if it were easy or the challenge reduced i would probably move on to something else. Its a game that you play for years not weeks or months, its a few hours a day game not a few hours a week I can understand some being frustrated at the pace of it being too slow for them when its the most detailed fishing game currently available. That said player numbers in rf4 are extremely healthy for such a tough game, steam figures are consistent (and maybe half the player base use the standalone client that steam stats don't cover,) twitch figures are equally healthy compared to other fishing games, in china there are often 70 or more players streaming rf4 at most times, the russian streamers have mostly moved to trovo The early levels can be painful but it very much depends on whether you're enjoying the fishing itself, its a grind when you're not enjoying the fishing and stuck doing the same thing week after week rather than mixing it up a bit. I strongly believe rf4 should be far more imaginative as far as cafe orders, there seems little good reason to have such limited orders per cafe. I would be very much against being able to use more than 3 rods, as for me it would turn this game away from trying to recreate recreational pleasure angling to almost commercial fishing. Fish smart, use every online resource you can, which means being in an active in-game chat channel and likely their discord community, don't waste silver on food or superfluous items, do every single cafe order you can... even at my level and 400k+ silver, i don't pass up even a small perch order, i regard every order filled as a little victory The community is everything in this particular game, something that rf4 needs to acknowledge and be extremely careful when anything they do impacts that. Most higher level players will not hesitate to send 2 or 3 basic feeder kits and other tackle/baits to a new player. Your issues are a regular sight on the forums over the last 4 or 5 years but the bottom line is that it may simply not be the game for you, and most games have players that drop out through frustration fairly quickly, games like rf4 start with a vision and they tend to stick to that through thick and thin.. when it gets very thin over a period they may change but that will often lose them more players than it gains.
  9. it's not common but certainly happens to most of us once in a while. They can be rather annoying though as it's hard to see if they've registered a bite on the rod tip, so you can be wasting a rod trolling around with a mussel on the hook. When drifting jig rigs for cats used to be a big thing on Akhtuba, you had to be ever vigilant for a river mussel taking the jig bait ... that said both mussels make excellent baits at higher levels, so I rarely begrudge hooking one.
  10. conventional reels, even the smaller ones like your reel, are all very poor at casting, your old steelhead will outcast them.
  11. correction to the above, lure was Squirrel 45
  12. Map: Yama Coords: 102:165 Lure: Tunguska Chipmunk 45 In game name: Captain_Lockheed
  13. lol, yes it really does look like RF4's famous prison pond Still, irl i'm fascinated by fishing in these sort of "ugly£ places and what is potentially lurking under the surface,
  14. they've got it absolutely correct on the larger image though
  15. Yep, just the ibb.co links work now, showing small images of the upgrade parts available, the others links used to work but maybe someone didn't keep up their payments to the host
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