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  1. Ya, thats weird, I saw huzbuzz's rods doing that a couple times when trolling before or "double twitching" when casting for pike with a topwater. I troll/spin a lot also and have never seen this behavior on any of my rods. Not sure why.
  2. I have always questioned that entire statement more than the slight grammatical error. How is a fixed line rod suited for long distance fishing, isn't it the only rods not suited for long distance fishing? I might be misunderstanding tho.
  3. Yep, this has been happening to me for months but nothing game breaking, the game doesn't freeze, just about 3-5 seconds of hard lag right before the text pops up. I only see it happen in comps, but that is the only time I see any Asian writing anyway.
  4. Tenzen


    Rare trophy dig lol
  5. Tenzen


    Skill points you get 1 per level 1-19, 2 per level 20-29, 3 per level 30-39, ect. ect. Skill levels you get with learn by doing with diminishing returns (Bottom fishing, Harvesting, Float fishing ect.) Cheers Tenzen
  6. Tenzen


    Except before the change you almost never got gold baits. Ever since whatever patch where they increased the "success rate" for harvesting, you would only get worms and junk, super rare to get a gold bait. Since the change, I notice an undeniable improvement to gold bait rate. But then they did this hot fix, since the small patch most of my digging results are this... so since the hotfix it feels more they changed it back to the bad gold bait rate we had recently. Maybe a little better but not much. But ya, I retract my favorable opinion of the new system. It is only good if the risk/reward is worth it and Gold bait rates were improved like before the hotfix. (like they had it before the hotfix)
  7. Tenzen


    First dig logging on tonight Ofc then I break off a huge strugeon by misclicking and locking my drag. Ruining my good luck for the day.
  8. Tenzen


    Didnt take long for me either. (Old system never gave me more than 1) The variety and quantity have improved imo, while having to invest less time and clicking into harvesting. I dont see how it could be a nerf. Even if you are low on energy and full, hook a big fish, you can still pop coffee's or whatever every 15 seconds or so, I dont see a problem personally. *thumbs-up*
  9. If you go to your map selection screen you will see that ladoga is a 1.5 star bottom fishing lake and a 2.5 star float fishing lake. Why are you surprised you dont do well with those fishing techniques? It is 5star spinning, Char, Salmon, Pike, Zanders can all be good there.
  10. I am no expert but I would try a 2 or 1 hook if you aren't catching any above 10kg. And I would switch out that river feeder for masked mesh.(Since bear is no river) If you still aren't catching maybe try a fluoro leader though I think mono is supposed to work great for carp.
  11. Tenzen

    Baits Q&A

    Increased xp, extra skillup chance
  12. Tenzen

    Baits Q&A

    Imperial Vodka, Marshalls? Brandy works too (the more expensive one whatever its called)
  13. Nice one. Ive done a ton of jigging on Sura and I have only caught maybe 2 eels. If you are catching a lot of small zanders, change your color strategy. Try using different colors than you currently are for cloudy/ sunny/ partly cloudy/ day/ night. I'm pretty much constantly changing colors, If I go 1-2 casts with no bites or I catch fish with no flag, i change. I like using shads, minnows, maggots , sometimes provokers. Also I rarely do good with the weekly jigs.. it seems to be very conditional to catch nice fish with them. You have to know just the right time use them also, mostly other jigs will do better for bite rate/ average size fish.
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