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  1. Getting an account to 100% bait crafting is a significant time investment, and paying for premium. Selling anything for real money is a ban and would be a dumb move. But regardless there has never been any rule saying you cant play on multiple accounts. It is also a ton of time to level skills, unlock lakes, and even then it is a crap shoot to make the leaderboards. And if the account is a bait harvester, you wont be going for leaderboards with it anyway. So no, not twice as much chance. Much less, even though you put the same time and effort into it. The people with multiple accounts are supporting the game even more because they pay for premium on the alts atleast to send baits here and there. I see no problem with it. But then again I was one of the first to get it done so I may be biased.
  2. Chinese RMT (real money traders) have been a cancer on certain games going back to the 90's. I have a deep-seeded disgust for their practices. Glad to see something be done about them infiltrating the game. At the same time, a bit disappointed that we wont be able to trade gears for gold baits anymore. A possible workaround might be letting Premium members trade old gear in for vouchers that allow us purchase of gold bait. Or even simpler, just allowing premium members to purchase gold bait for silver. I think either one of these or something similar would calm the masses and keep people buying premium. Probably even greatly increase the premium subs.
  3. There is 3 other additives at least that cannot be added to Dry mix as well. Chopped Worms, Zebra Mussels, Clay, Millet Porridge cannot be added to dry mix
  4. Bug: Zebra Mussel Additive cannot be added to Dry Mix. It does not show up in the window as an option when selecting ingredients even when you have the Additive in your inventory.
  5. If you go to your map selection screen you will see that ladoga is a 1.5 star bottom fishing lake and a 2.5 star float fishing lake. Why are you surprised you dont do well with those fishing techniques? It is 5star spinning, Char, Salmon, Pike, Zanders can all be good there.
  6. I am no expert but I would try a 2 or 1 hook if you aren't catching any above 10kg. And I would switch out that river feeder for masked mesh.(Since bear is no river) If you still aren't catching maybe try a fluoro leader though I think mono is supposed to work great for carp.
  7. Tenzen

    Baits Q&A

    Increased xp, extra skillup chance
  8. Tenzen

    Baits Q&A

    Imperial Vodka, Marshalls? Brandy works too (the more expensive one whatever its called)
  9. Tenzen

    Sura River

    Nice one. Ive done a ton of jigging on Sura and I have only caught maybe 2 eels. If you are catching a lot of small zanders, change your color strategy. Try using different colors than you currently are for cloudy/ sunny/ partly cloudy/ day/ night. I'm pretty much constantly changing colors, If I go 1-2 casts with no bites or I catch fish with no flag, i change. I like using shads, minnows, maggots , sometimes provokers. Also I rarely do good with the weekly jigs.. it seems to be very conditional to catch nice fish with them. You have to know just the right time use them also, mostly other jigs will do better for bite rate/ average size fish.
  10. Lol, one is my steam account, I fishing on both accounts there that day.
  11. Absolutely am talking about the same game as seen in the screenshot and listing of specific examples to prove my point. Not just vague generalizations and put downs of the game without any facts to back them up. I did reference the relation of time and money in my second post, by saying if you were in a hurry to get there you could pay for your baits instead. But it was only a minor point. Definitely not the subject of my first post so not sure where you got this idea either. Thinking maybe you didn't read it, or at least didn't understand it. But ya HF, tight lines.
  12. No, I dont see how its relevant at all, your post was about making silver and it was made before the subject post were even replied to, it was not about leveling your skills. That 90% was done in 300+ hours (and can be done by anybody over time), by following advice similar to what elwoodiath had given, to which you responded "pay to win". I simply responded because in my experience it is not pay to win. Me having leveled skills on both accounts just shows that you get out what you put in. If you work on your skills with strategy its not hard to get them up and doesnt take 1000s of hours or need to pay for the baits. That was the point. That getting gold baits is not pay to win, as you dont have to pay unless you are just in a hurry to get there, then feel free to. To answer your post, I have a small amount of premium on both accounts at the moment, my main account is from competitions, I paid for 10 days on my steam account when I got to 75% harvesting, to take advantage the skillup bonus and happy hour skill bonus. As for the rest of your post here, What does any of my skill levels on my accounts have to do with some people not having 8 hours a day to make 1000 silver? No its not relevant at all to what I am talking about.
  13. That was from a completely different post and had nothing to do with the time it took to get to 100% harvesting or your opinion that its pay2win, that had no relevance to the subject so why would I quote it?
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