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  1. Tenzen

    Cooking Q&A

  2. Tenzen

    Baits Q&A

    Increased xp, extra skillup chance
  3. Tenzen

    Baits Q&A

    Imperial Vodka, Marshalls? Brandy works too (the more expensive one whatever its called)
  4. Tenzen

    Sura River

    Nice one. Ive done a ton of jigging on Sura and I have only caught maybe 2 eels. If you are catching a lot of small zanders, change your color strategy. Try using different colors than you currently are for cloudy/ sunny/ partly cloudy/ day/ night. I'm pretty much constantly changing colors, If I go 1-2 casts with no bites or I catch fish with no flag, i change. I like using shads, minnows, maggots , sometimes provokers. Also I rarely do good with the weekly jigs.. it seems to be very conditional to catch nice fish with them. You have to know just the right time use them also, mostly other jigs will do better for bite rate/ average size fish.
  5. Tenzen


    You sir, are in complete denial. I even showed you how your own source you quoted proved me 100% correct about the meaning of migration. Secondly, its not my opinion that I gave of the difference between a Simulation and Emulation. Its a complete fact. You seem to think that because Simulation is listed in the description of the game that means everything has to match real life. Are you serious? You actually think that? Have you even attempted to read or understand the meanings of words before formulating your opinions? I mean, I couldn't have made it any clearer for you on both these subjects. I am at a loss. Im done guy. Logging off this forum and not coming back. This is insanely ridiculous to deal with such ignorance.
  6. Tenzen


    You look a few post above to see an example that Russian's dont automatically catch better, or see Enzos post where he beat them in comps. All of the comps I have placed in the top 3 were global comps. 2 out of the 3 that I won were global. Yes I spent some gold on rhinos, but the gold was not from money it was from gameplay and rewards provided from the game, big difference there. The grind is real, no denying that. My point, which you keep trying to ignore. Is that none of the things you are talking about are needed to play the game or to progress. I dont care to examine their business model, or speculate about early access tax exemptions or anything like that. Simply Early Access means the game is still being made and nothing is finalized in the game. They are still adding content, fixing game breaking bugs, and balancing everything along the way. My entire point was that you are confused about what a Simulation is since you think everything is supposed to match real life. Stopped to think how the lower level players will progress to fish Sura as soon as they unlock it? I never even fished Sura once until I was well into my 30's. I took my time with the content, like I am still doing. I was a lower level player at one time too you know. Thats why I am saying, you can play the game however you want. If you want to get to the end content super fast, gonna have to pay. Thats the devs choice to make the game like that. So what? Its not like there arent options besides get the best gear, catch the biggest fish asap. There is tons of other ways to go about it, without spending a ton of money. Just takes time. Not only that Sura has not always been amazing like it was for awhile before the patch. Lately, before the patch people started killing. It is not like destroying Strugeon at Sura has always been an option... It has not.
  7. Tenzen


    And if you think there is any point in this thread where you made anybody look dumb besides yourself, your perceptions are WAY more off the wall than I even thought.
  8. Tenzen


    All of that total bull about needing to buy rhinos, I have 400 rhino's gathering dust in my inventory along with 18k silver I have no plans on spending. You dont need venga's, you dont "need" rhinos. All complete nonsense. And btw I didnt spend a dime on those rhinos, bought with comp money or dug up myself... no need to buy them
  9. Tenzen


    Here we go again, me giving you solid widely accepted meanings of words you don't understand and you just replying with what your false perceptions are, acting like they are more truthful than reality.
  10. Tenzen


    I'm level 37 and 23 and still consider myself newbie because I don't know how it all works yet. Its too many factors to figure everything out and is changing some over time, also the game is not finished. I don't think you need such small leaders for bream. I don't notice a difference until I use a leader above 7.7kg. I like to use 6.4kg fluoro leader. I went fishing for bream yesterday and filled my net, had high bite rate. (66:100) I think it is more important to find the right spot and bait instead of using very small leaders. I have not had luck with pea porridge for bream lately and I caught good keepers on casters yesterday. Maybe try that? Your post had mentioned steelhead and alpha reels. My response about thicker line had that in mind because I was assuming using heavy line without fluoro leaders. In which case you might see reduced bite rate from using the lighter setups with fluoro leaders. As far as nerfing and buying gold, I have no idea. I don't see it that way, but its fine that you do. I am a little more lenient about it and think it could just be for other reasons. Like maybe when game developers implement changes they have to do it on the safe side so things dont go out of control or who knows, I dont know their plans for the game. And I know the game is still being worked on constantly so there will be plenty more changes and chances for better fishing. I am not worried. Also money for the devs is not a bad thing in my mind. If they get money, they have money to continue to pay their employees and to continue to add things and make the game better. And I am doing fine in the game without making 1000 silver an hour. I catch fish consistently or I move/ adjust until i do. When I find something that is working I do it until it stops then I work on finding something else that works for my goals. So for me, its ok. I am in no hurry to get the biggest setups in the game. I am still debating their usefulness for me personally and my goals right now in game. Also changes that will come and added gear. Sure, you can buy gold and get them in a hurry. They are not needed though. There is plenty of fish in the sea to catch with only medium/light gear.
  11. Tenzen


    Ya, most of the time people are fishing the bottom in deep holes, my comments refer to lure colors "at depth" and include "depending on water clarity" I am not refering to topwater at night in any way, You arent telling me anything I dont know as far as predators and lateral lines and vibrations in the water. You are preaching to the choir here bud. I also prefer jointed, big lipped crank bait, rattle traps, and other lures that cause a commotion under water irl when fishing predators. Or weedless spoons and jigs I can work deep into cover with. I do agree that they should have better results in alot of instances over spoons like the hunters. I havent fished cranks enough in the game to have throughly tested if they do. But this all goes back to my main point "EARLY ACCESS", "NOT COMPLETE GAME", "ALONG FOR THE RIDE TILL IT GOES GOLD"
  12. Tenzen


    Um, I cant explain what doesnt happen. Fish dont drop the bait because of the strength of your reel? The only reason you get less bites when using huge gear is because you have way thicker line on them. I also dont know about Russian catching better fish. I have talked to people that say they moved to Russia server and they havent done any better fishing so I doubt that is the deciding factor of catching more fish. Idk for sure thats just what I was told. Anchors are bad on Ladoga, I agree. And very annoying.
  13. Tenzen


    Sunny days its bright or reflective lures that would bounce the sunlight off of them and catch the fishes attention. Cloudy the UV light from the sun is actually stronger so fluorescent work well because they can almost glow to the fishes eye sometimes triggering a strike, but cloudy can also be considered low light so sometimes "bright" lures that are not fluorescent depending on the colors, the water clarity, and depth might be very hard for the fish to even see (especially reds, yellows, whites) Strong winds or stormy weather can stir up sediment in the water, in which case, two tone lures with contrast can work well to catch the fishes attention. Bright lures in night time depending on the depth/clarity can also be very hard for the fish to even see, (Just because its bright to you out of the water doesnt mean the fish see it like that at depth, its the opposite in fact) blues and blacks are the most visible colors at distance under water so they are a good bet in low light. Not bright. Am I saying you cant catch fish irl not following this stuff, ofc, irl you sometimes throw just about anything and still catch fish, but sometimes no. Again this is a game, and not real life. It has alot of realistic aspects, but its still a game, the devs should not be expected to make it 100% like real life. I dont see anything wrong with it possibly having strategy unique to the game that also fits into what you should do irl.
  14. Tenzen

    Volkhov River

    Lol, one is my steam account, I fishing on both accounts there that day.
  15. Tenzen


    I just disagreed with you saying fish don't migrate in lakes and ponds, and that distance matters when referring to migration of animals/fish. I will admit that the fishing is bad in some water bodies right now, and that often after restarts (not always) the fishing is bad for about 1-2 weeks afterwards. That has been the pattern. But its never bad everywhere, when this happens I try to find things to do to where I can still make money or skillups. Its usually spin fishing or backtracking to lower level lakes to farm gold baits or skill grind, or targeting whatever active species I can find.
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