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  1. Tenzen

    Sura River

    Also still losing fish, but still using the way over sized almost barbless carp hooks at sura? Do some research on what size and type of hooks people use for the fish you are targeting. Have you even attempted to try a different or smaller hook? @reyder9999
  2. Tenzen

    Sura River

    In real life small fish just steal your bait and you dont get to catch anything or at best they get foul hooked. If you want it more like irl, your gold bait just disappear with little nibble when you are in the wrong spot or have bad conditions. Maybe only use your gold bait when you know the fishing is good already instead of expecting it to magically get you awesome fish every time you throw it in the water. Ive caught plenty of big fish (trophy cats, sturgeon) at sura with 5-10 silver lures. You dont have to get gold bait to catch big fish.
  3. Tenzen

    Farming silver

    Yes, had a trophy blue bream yesterday that would have sold for (i think 98 silver) at volkov, and I went to Ladoga and noticed it sold for 104. That wouldn't cover the cost for traveling to Ladoga.. but ya it did sell for a little more. I don't know if that's true for all species, or what the conditions are though, sorry.
  4. Tenzen

    Baits Q&A

    Oo, I like mosquito in front of the camp, real short casts right near that grass patch. Bottom fishing 17-19 hooks, worm. light line, or small fluoro leaders
  5. Tenzen


    Ohhh, Im dumb. I didnt understand the context of your comment since posts were moved. Totally possible tho for guy to catch a trophy as soon as comp starts since eels be eating at night/morning. I get it now. My bad. @PsyQo Gaming
  6. Tenzen

    Competitions Q&A

    I dont see the Watchurstep competition from yesterday Were the prizes already sent out? @Levo I wasnt online in time for the comp, but 1) 2 hours does not equal 5 seconds (hyperbole is fun tho right?) 2) To place in the comp you would not have needed a 5kg eel (although I see one was caught) Grats to 1st place guy 3) Its a comp offered by the staff that gives winners free stuff, what kind of tinfoil hat conspiracy could you possibly think of that would mean "something more going on" lul
  7. Tenzen

    Sura River

    I totally agree. I remember trying to fish the 7.5m with braid and trying to horse the fish out of that hole and I was constantly losing fish there like that. @daggabull
  8. Tenzen

    Sura River

    Oh ya, you probably right. I assumed he meant the berserk hooks since they are the only ones that are actually 5star. There is alot of fish got away at Sura bottom fishing regardless of hooks, i do agree with that.
  9. Tenzen

    Sura River

    5star bloody series? If you look at the picture of them, the barb is so tiny its almost a barb-less hook. Easy to be spit out by the fish. Especially bigger fish. If I remember right they said its ok to use the smaller ones more than the big ones, the gap is wider and it just slides right out of the fishes mouth. Why those hooks are rated 5 stars is beyond me. Really high quality trash hooks? idk
  10. Tenzen

    Sura River

    Jigging for zanders, catfish, asp, volga zander ect.. Zander is good in the 19-22 temp range usually in my experience (sometimes they turn off and i dont know why but usually good). When its colder then that skip it and go feeder fishing because it will be good. If its above 22 I dont know because I just go to another lake.
  11. Tenzen

    Skill tree discussions

    I still get the error. Cannot add points on the float side, still wondering if the points will go up in float if I add the points into spinning though.
  12. Tenzen

    Skill tree discussions

    It was implemented awhile back when you unlock a skill on 1 tree it is unlocked on another tree if it exists there.
  13. Tenzen

    Skill tree discussions

    If I put points into "fishing with a sbirolino lure" on the spin fishing skill tree does it go up in the float fishing tree as well? The section is unlocked under float but I get an internal error when trying to put points into the float side of it.
  14. Tenzen

    Report a Bug

    I understand that the patch changed it to where all items were required to be full for crafting alcohol. To my understanding this was to prevent crafting say 4 baked potatoes and then using the 1 potato that is left to make the moonshine (as an example) However since the patch it is now uses all 10/10 sugar as well. It only used 1 sugar before the patch....This has changed the price for 3 bread wine/ moonshine drastically. now it is 6 +silver just to craft 3 bread wine. Also the buffs seem to have been reduced as well and the potato moonshine hurts your health more and doesnt last as long (not long at all in the rain.. a few minutes) making it pretty much worthless... I mean seriously 4000 silver for the tools to make the stuff and then its just bad... Please take a look at the effects and price of this because as it is now it is just bad. So to sum it up, I think its a bug that the recipe uses all 10 packs of sugar and the effects have been reduced, If its intended, please confirm.
  15. Tenzen

    Sura River

    Yep, says I place in comps and leveled my harvesting to make the baits, good call. And know how to catch mussels
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