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  1. does anyone know where is the burbot spot? I tried the 4.5 m hole but no luck.
  2. I am currently stuck at 65% and my last unlock rig is top water lure. I have been using top water lure to catch hundred of pike and it only leveled up 0.3%. am I doing wrong? any suggestion?
  3. I am tiring to run up and down buying boat ticket. so can I buy a boat in game? Sometime, I fish on an island and cannot get back to shore because ticket expired. Sometime, I was fighting a big fish and got sent back to shore because ticket expired. any suggestion?
  4. RESTRICTIONS : "Jigging" ability is required Isn't it suppose to be Whacky rig ability is required?? I have jigging ability but I cannot use it and the status still shown "Can be used" I do not have whacky rig ability
  5. Is this a old event or coming up? don't see the year? and what does it mean by best fish? biggest fish? do I have to register to participate ?
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