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  1. yalo

    Report a Bug

    hello The boat sank Kuori 127.98
  2. yalo

    Report a Bug

    Posted 3 hours ago Hi. So i was fishing winding yesterday lure/ spoon fishing with no leader. So i cast out,as soon as it hits the water. Bam!!!! rig is cut by fishes teeth. BUT the pike actually stayed on the line and after playing the fish for ages manage to get it in. It was a decent size as i landed it . Yet it never showed up on screen size weight etc ??????? Bug ????? Can you check my game files and at least let me know what weight was please . Deffo my biggest yet Hello The same for me to Kuori yesterday around 22 h 00 (fr). Cut by a pike (message in the cat) but it still remained on the line . If it can rectify this bug .
  3. yalo

    Float Fishing Q&A

    Hello do "k" before taking the fishing rod
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