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  1. It is not quite a filter. It is the advantage of having the attraction of both baits.
  2. The results would be a mix of the two actually. The effect would be similar to having double boilies on the hook one larger, one smaller. The idea is to find the happy medium between a larger size possibility and a higher bite rate possibility.
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  4. This is the way ours has always worked. If you are interested in moving to ES, please contact transfer@r4game.com to request this. You would not be able to transfer back.
  5. The only difference between them is the casting distance. The cobras can also throw an increased distance and have better accuracy if there is points in the use of cobra skill.
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  8. Thank you for the report.
  9. Thank you for the detailed report.
  10. Crucian

    Wear on TI rods

    I understand what you mean. However what you are saying would be more along the lines of criticism than a question, which is obviously why you put it here. If the devs didn't feel the wear was balanced compared to the profits and xp gained, then they would consider rebalance. Stating you don't feel it is balanced correctly would be the way to go about it. This being said, we do appreciate the manner in which you inquired.
  11. We are sorry you are experiencing this problem. At this time the answer given in the post linked above is still the answer.
  12. Crucian

    Wear on TI rods

    There was a bug in the game that was causing wear and force to be calculated incorrectly on rods. This has been resolved since you left which is why you are experiencing this.
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  14. This is by design. If you break your gear while bringing a fish in, you will not be able to land it.
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