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  1. Lure wear does affect the effectiveness of the lure, but only by a slight amount.
  2. I think this may a bit of an oversight on your part. On 4/20 you spent almost exactly 1k silver.
  3. Crucian


    Please see the following post:
  4. SPIC.Y is the winner! The prize has been injected.
  5. Do you have another mouse that you could try to see if the problem continues?
  6. The % increases fishing with that tree in general. It slightly affects bite rate, and also quality of fish.
  7. zachwattstod is the winner! The prizes have been injected.
  8. In my understanding once you cast a different mix in the area the original would effect, the effect is canceled and the system uses the effect of the most recent mix casted.
  9. We do not have any further information to post at this time. When we do it will be posted here on the forums.
  10. The card may be able to do the scaling on it's own, but we don't have any specific support for either of those functions.
  11. All prizes from Denise and RedRockPanda's streams have been paid out. Please contact me if there are any issues.
  12. zachwattstod is the winner! The prize has been injected.
  13. You can definitely add it to suggestions.
  14. I have no problem with poppers on fast action. For the second part of your question, that small a difference in sensitivity wouldn't make much of a difference, it would be more likely to be determined by the action.
  15. Hello, Have a look at this guide, it discusses which lure colors to use in which situations :
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