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  1. Not that this is part of the problem that you are talking about, but your leader is much thicker than your line. The line that you are using is mono and can cause lost tension due to the stretching of the line, try braid line with a fluoro leader, but note braid line causes a little more wear on your reel but is the best choice for spinning. Also have you invested in better hooks for the wobblers such as the berserk hooks? Better hooks can also decrease your chance of the fish getting away. Also keeping away from the reedy areas can help reduce the amount of pikes that you hook.
  2. Please send an email to admin@rf4game.com stating this from the email linked with the accounts. The account name needs to be specified in the mail. Such as... "Please delete the accounts CycleDave in game and on the forums"
  3. Can I ask what your son's user name is please?
  4. Good day https://discord.gg/qrQfpH Here is the link to the RF4 Discord. You can find the trophy channel there. Regards, Crucian
  5. Correct, the tournament is only open to players using the standalone client.
  6. Does anyone else in your household play RF4?
  7. For administrative reasons because all the results must be formulated by hand.
  8. The rocket feeder deposits the groundbait shortly after hitting the water. There is no need to leave it in.
  9. Not quite, they are the same in the water because of the identical ingredients.
  10. Even if they are in a different order as long as the ingredients in it are identical, they will stack in the water.
  11. Crucian


    Good day BrianC. Double baits, also known as sandwich baits are part of the float tree. Kind Regards Crucian
  12. Wobblers would definitely generate the most bites, but trolling or using a stop and go with a spoon should work too. Try the Soturi 22g or Hunter 1 series.
  13. If you throw it in the same spot, and it has different ingredients, yes the original is gone. If you use the same ingredients, feeder and PVA, it will stack up to an attraction of 10 balls. If the ingredients in the groundait are identical, the only difference it makes in how they are viewed by the system is whether or not they will stack in your inventory.
  14. Obviously they cannot be thrown at exactly the same time. The one hitting the water second will override the first. As far as throwing in bait after your spod rod. Yes it will override the first groundbait if the ingredients are different and it is thrown in the same spot.
  15. The groundbait takes effect shortly after it hits the water. As for the question with the overlapping circles, I am working on getting clarification on that.
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