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  1. Any available ratings will be available under the records and ratings tabs. In most cases you will only see the leaders.
  2. oosaveoo is the winner! The prize has been injected.
  3. In my experience there is no negative effect.
  4. Thank you for pointing this out. We will look into it.
  5. Inline is a good choice for blue bream.
  6. You just get the achievement of the honorary fisherman for that lake.
  7. The answer is the same answer I gave you on Steam. Please contact china@rf4game.com with this request.
  8. All prizes have been injected. Please contact me if there are any issues.
  9. JaggedRiz is the winner! The prizes have been injected.
  10. Crucian

    Discord Changes

    Dear players, Starting Friday 23.7.2021 at 12:00 PM EST / 06:00 PM CEST, we will be switching to the highest security setting on Discord. This will require you to enter a mobile phone number to use our Discord. This information is not collected by RF4 and we will not have access to it. Thank you for your understanding in this matter. Thank you, RF4 Team
  11. There is no bug. Hot coca will give skill points. The last food item that you unlocked will have the best chance to give skill points.
  12. Zhac is the winner! The prizes have been injected.
  13. Hello, You might try having a look at this guide : It should help you figure out what to look for when you are looking at equipment. Even if you end up picking different gear, you can see the thought process behind the choices.
  14. Crucian

    server loss

    Thank you for the report.
  15. Thank you for the report.
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