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  1. I cannot guarantee it solves the problem, but others have been able to fix it with a reinstall. Please follow these steps when doing so Exit the game or launcher. Uninstall the game. Navigate to the Russian Fishing 4 installation directory. Typically this is C:\Games\RussianFishing4. Delete the RussianFishing4 directory. Navigate to C:\Users\%UserName%\AppData\Roaming\RussianFishingLLC. Delete the RussianFishingLLC folder. Navigate to C:\Users\%UserName%\AppData\LocalLow. Delete the RussianFishingLLC folder. Using the latest installer downloaded from https://rf4game.com/download/ reinstall the game. Please be sure to run as administrator and disable antivirus software when reinstalling.
  2. Is this for a launcher or Steam account?
  3. Crucian


    If you click the link under setup in his post, he shows the pva.
  4. To add a screenshot you can simply drag it to the bottom of the post where it says drag files here to attach, or click the choose files link and locate it, click on it and choose open. It will then be uploaded to your post and you can click on the picture to add it to the body of the post.
  5. No, you always have a chance to get a skill increase.
  6. It increases the average size of fish, so the answer to the final question is yes.
  7. Simply put, nobody can turn down the skill increase on your account. It isn't possible. I see you have moved to baitfish and I think you are on the right trail as you can get them with a really high bite rate in the right spots. Also not only are you catching something you can also use to catch other fish, but the high bite rate gives you more of a chance of your skill increasing. If you are missing bites you might even want to go down to just one rod so you have a high chance of catching each fish.
  8. Hello, If you have a look at Elwood's short example of one way to feed here You can see an illustration of how to use the mechanics together to your advantage.
  9. Not everyone is experiencing this. Please start by making sure you have the most updated graphics drivers for your graphics card.
  10. Are you having the issue? Or are the streamers having the issue? If it is the streamers, they would need to contact us.
  11. I urge you to reread the original post. These questions are answered in it.
  12. A response was sent to you, please follow the instructions in it.
  13. Please send an email with your request to transfer@rf4game.com
  14. Right click on the game icon and select run as administrator.
  15. The rig description in game describes each rig, or you can look here as well: https://rf4game.com/userguide/#bottom_equipment That link should drop you right down to the rig descriptions.
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