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  1. Crucian

    Chat bugs.

    Thank you for the report.
  2. No, the render effect is different. 10 + 10 is possible.
  3. Crucian


    Hello JaggezRiz, We are not certain at this point if this will return to the forums. Regards, Crucian
  4. Hello Tiribomax, Yes, players from other regions are welcome to participate. Regards, Crucian
  5. Sorry it has taken so long. I am working on it. I will let you know as soon as I know something. Thanks for your patience.
  6. It does show the spot for the for the voucher, but even without it, the process will take silver.
  7. When you log in, it should be fixed.
  8. Can I have your in game name please?
  9. Have a look here: It should help.
  10. Crucian

    boat bug

    Thank you for the report. However with no explanation whatsoever, we don't really have an idea of what caused this to happen. Please read the forum section rules and add the required information.
  11. Thank you for the report.
  12. The dream vouchers came from the presents. You are still able to do taxidermy without them, it just costs silver.
  13. This has been previously reported. Thank you for the report, we do not have an eta on a fix.
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