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  1. The answer is the same as Elwood gave to the previous post.
  2. I will go ahead and tell you that this is definitely not valid and is probably a player estimation.
  3. Manujitsu is the winner! The prize has been injected.
  4. Pisoloic is the winner! The prize has been injected.
  5. All players are on the same server. The regions are just logical separations.
  6. Yes it is. We do not have an eta for the server to come back up at this time.
  7. Have a look at this guide, it should help:
  8. No you will not be able to play on the client using that service.
  9. All prizes for this event have been paid out. Please contact me with any issues.
  10. Zachwottstod is the winner! The prize has been injected.
  11. Following Goregrinders lead... I did a little experimenting with baitfish as well. This is my keepnet after 1 hour also using roach baitfish Keepnet: Coords: 102:112 F4 Clip: 45m Setup:
  12. Vetrelec is the winner! The prize has been injected.
  13. Geralt of Gryffindor is the winner! The prize has been injected.
  14. We will take a look at the account and see if there is anything we can do to fix this.
  15. Hello, You can always tell an ultra light rod by looking under the power category in the parameters.
  16. Hello, The ground topology can cause certain feeders to get stuck as well. There are feeders that are designed to break away easily from the bottom on reeling. Try reading the descriptions in the store and equipping one of these feeders if possible to see if the issue continues.
  17. This is the exact function of the waterbodies section. Are you sure you were not trying to post under a main heading and not a sub heading?
  18. Crucian

    feeder bug

    We are aware of the issue, thank you for the report.
  19. Yoman2822 is correct. The bonuses you can not see but they are added when you have that rod equipped and are using it.
  20. This has been reported, but thank you for the report.
  21. Hello, Please try first reinstalling your graphics drivers.
  22. Do you mean as far as turning in an order? Can you provide a screenshot?
  23. Did you use the default location? Or have you changed the install directory?
  24. V3rm3 is the winner! The prize has been injected.
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