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  1. How big are these perch? if they take these baits i would like to have one of those on my hook
  2. Yep got it, i can see the frustration in that. Maybe a reel with less power but a bigger spool would do the trick, but you'll be fighting for a long time then. Thanks for explaining, it makes more sense now.
  3. I sometimes go on a spinfish trip. I got some decent skill in it, but no point spent in the tree. Because i have a shitty mouse i cant spinnfish that long or i get cramps in my hand. Im planning on doing more spinning when i get my float fishing to 100% and dont have to spend any more silver on new gear, unless it breaks ofcourse. For spinning its the same for me, i map out the whole map, take notes and so on. I didnt do any spinning after the update so i cant give any advise just yet. Im not trying to say that people that complain want to get more silver in a shorter time. Sorry if i gave that impression. I hope you guys will catch more big fish, but it think for some people a mindset change is needed to enjoy the game. In Kuori Lake the water is so transparent you basically can only catch really stupid fish with normal lines. I can no longer catch trout there unless i use a transparent line. (this is with float fishing) In de patch notes this is stated " The fishing line thickness and its type has increased its influence on fish catch rate. As an example, chance of a strike when using thin fluorocarbon or monofilament line became much higher than when using thick braided line. " So i see allot of people complaining about pike biting there line, find a spot where there are no pike or take the risk of losing you're tackle. If this question is not about Kuori Lake, than i dont know sorry.
  4. When i started playing RF4 it was still in russian and there where almost no guides out for it yet. I had to figure out where all the fish where and what bait they would like and what depth they would be and so on. After a wile i had found some nice spots for the fish that i wanted to catch that day. Made some decent silver, caught some nice trophy's made some friends. By no means this game was ever casual friendly, i spend hours and hours learning the lake. Broke my line so many times, first time casting with a spinning rod and i broke my real. This game has made me rage quit more than i can count. But then i calm down, think of new ways to fish and go back at it. Now with the new update all the fishing spots have changed, i basically have to map all the lakes again. Was i happy with this at the start?, not really, i was kinda pissed about it. But then i calm down, think of new ways to fish and go at it. Now i found some really nice spots and im making more silver than i did before. And im just using my trusty float set up and sometimes i use a feeder on the side. Now to me this mapping the lakes, taking notes, finding those spots that work for you, is what RF4 is all about. For me its not about looking at youtube to watch the "easiest way to get silver on this and that map ". And that wouldn't work in the first place if the migration feature would work like the devs want it to work. And i think the migration works better now. I no longer go to a spot and catch carp all day everyday. So i think allot of people that are complaining now and are demanding entertainment from the developers (in a really disrespectful way) don't really understand what RF4 is about. I think these fishers need to calm down a bit, drink a cup of tea and and ask them selfs: Is this game really for me? I just wanted to post this, cos i was getting sick off all these people complaining and demanding. To the devs: Good work guys, i really like the new update and thanks for all the time you put in to it.
  5. so i'm here to brag a lil bit about my biggest catch so far these are the rods that i have at the moment This is the rod i got the fish with and this is the fish It was a hell of a fight and it took me a really long time. So its not really about the fish its more about catching a 10kg fish with a 5 kg rod and reel
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