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  1. If you find the right spots on Old Burg Lake you can catch some nice tench rather consistent. You can make some decent silver that way.
  2. Strings

    Cooking Q&A

    You can light a campfire and there you can start cooking low lvl stuff. The drying rack works for low lvl to.
  3. Strings


    Ahh right missed that part, well I'm not a good source for spinfishing tips. I dont really use any techniques i just throw in my lure and do random stuff with the rod and reel (just like in rl :P) and sometimes catch something. so maybe someone ells knows. ohhh the only thing i can think of is the current, maybe it works better against the current or the other way around. Good luck
  4. Strings


    Some rods have a test weight of lets say 10-30gr for those rods the 7gr spoon would be to light and you cant cast it really far. So there are lures for all the setups. Always keep in mind what the test of your rod is so you don't buy a lure that you cant really use.
  5. Strings

    Bear Lake

    I would say yes, but use a small hook or you will lose your gear to big carps
  6. How big are these perch? if they take these baits i would like to have one of those on my hook
  7. Strings

    Bear Lake

    In the morning i use a #8 or #6 hook with cheese mostly for golden tench and normal tench. Around midday i start changing bait to whatever i feel will work that day. Somedays i swap allot of bait sometimes i just let it lay there. around dusk i swap to wheat grain, pearl barly or insects that ide like as well. You can see this in the description of the bait in your inventory. at midnight you can swap to #10 hooks so if a carp hits its not a really big one. good luck
  8. Strings

    Bear Lake

    This and go for some smaller hooks. You can easily catch 10kg carp with a hook 8 or 6. I use the same reel on a match rod and i have no problems in bear lake, i mostly go for tench and ide. Good luck
  9. Hia :) You can pick up rods after pressing 0 by pressing 1,2 or 3 depending on what slot the rod is in. You can bring forth the mighty net by pressing space hope it helps
  10. Thanks Jim, it was a pricey lesson, but a lesson non the less i go for weaker line now and i keep my rods in pristine condition so they wont break on me ever again.
  11. Yesterday this rod broke on me I still feel the pain >.< The rods durability will go down faster than the lines durability, so i broke the rod on fighting a big carp.
  12. Strings

    Live and Baitfish

    Its all about the joy of fishing
  13. Strings

    Live and Baitfish

    Im not at live bait yet, but my plan is to invest in a small telestick that i will use to catch small fish and then use those for live bait. If i catch a small carp then im guessing the predatory at that place will eat carp cos there is probably a shoal of carp right there. If that makes sense
  14. Strings


    Yeah i got pike with spin fishing aswell. But the description of the Nightcrawlers tells me it attracts pike as well so im trying to get one on them, I had one really strong bite on it yesterday but I reacted to late. If i get one ill post some proof over here
  15. Strings


    So im trying to catch one with nightcrawlers, but not allot of luck so far. Im using a match rod with a big 0/4 hook. Maybe someone caught one and wanne share some info?
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