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  1. Strings


    Anyone had any luck targeting these? I mainly catch them as a side catch. They seem to like most bugs but im trying to figure out what is a good bait for them or sandwichbait. Any help would be welcome good luck
  2. I tend to catch ruffle at night time on a small hook (24) with maggots close to the bottom. Basically everywhere. Good luck
  3. Thanks then i need to read it again but slower. Thanks for the help. Gues this is not a bug then so plz close this topic.
  4. Read the guide and that's how i use the setup now. I play with the depth till its good and the float sticks out a bit. But i would like to be able to fish off the bottom with a float setup.
  5. yeah so now that im really looking i see the sinkers are the problem. but here is a screenshot ill go check that guide to, thanks
  6. i think i was using a mono leader, i try to fish as light as possible, well sort of. but now i lost it so i need to buy some new leaders will check if it makes a difference. Edit: Tested it and the float sinks with mono and fcarbon leader
  7. So i read the explanation about floats and i think i understand it, so im putting this here. My 1,5 gr (outside of the water) pallets will drag my 5 gr float under. I've tried with different floats and pallets and boilies but they all drag my regular float under. I think this is a bug.
  8. Thanks now it works, didnt see the mount options
  9. So im guessing not the normal hairline nor the pop up? cos i cant use them with those setups, or am i doing something wrong?
  10. So i haven't been playing for a wile and now im hooked to the game again So i bought some pallets but cant seem to use them with my floating telestick setup. I've been trying different setups but cant seem to figure out how to use the pallets. Any help would be useful.
  11. If you find the right spots on Old Burg Lake you can catch some nice tench rather consistent. You can make some decent silver that way.
  12. Strings

    Cooking Q&A

    You can light a campfire and there you can start cooking low lvl stuff. The drying rack works for low lvl to.
  13. Strings

    Bear Lake

    I would say yes, but use a small hook or you will lose your gear to big carps
  14. How big are these perch? if they take these baits i would like to have one of those on my hook
  15. Strings

    Bear Lake

    In the morning i use a #8 or #6 hook with cheese mostly for golden tench and normal tench. Around midday i start changing bait to whatever i feel will work that day. Somedays i swap allot of bait sometimes i just let it lay there. around dusk i swap to wheat grain, pearl barly or insects that ide like as well. You can see this in the description of the bait in your inventory. at midnight you can swap to #10 hooks so if a carp hits its not a really big one. good luck
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