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  1. Yes, that's me it's my old bad habbit to take things literaly, I am sorry. Nevertheless, I thank you the answer, it is totaly clear now!
  2. Zed895


    Hi there, In the tackle shop there is no data about the thickness of the leadcores (not like leaders or lines). So it seems they differ from each other just in the strength and color. Is it true, or they have different thickness? Or perhaps they will have different thickness when it will be implemented in the game? Thank you in advance, Z.
  3. 'The rocket feeder deposits the groundbait shortly after hitting the water. There is no need to leave it in.' -Yes Dear Ragnarocek, exactly this is the guide I was refering to when I wrote in the question that 'in the oficial manual is written only that the dry mix in it starts to work 'quickly' '. And maybe it is my mistake that I called it 'manual' instead of 'guide' so you could have thought that I had not read it before I wrote my question (though it is not my habbit to be so jerk to give unnecesary task to administrators/moderators just because I am lazy to read manuals/guides. I always read manuals before I ask). But it deos not change the main point. (Also I wrote that this manual we are both refering to says 'quickly' but actualy it says 'shortly', sorry). But the main pont is the same: what it means technically? It means that we can remove the rocket feeder immediately to cast one more portion or the tutorial video reachable from another guide here is right which says we should wait approx 15 sec? Thank you, Z.
  4. Hi there, In the official guide on this forum is written that the hinged leader always should be 20 cm long. Also, that it should be made of fluoro, not like other leaders for other type of hair rigs. But in the game and in the trophy forum we see trophy fish caught by 60 cm long hinged leaders, made of braided line. So my questions are: - there was a non-documented update in the game and the info in the manual is outdated so by now 20 cm hinged leader is not a must? - or nothing changed just the info in the manual is wrong? - or nothiung changed, the info is accurate and those who caught trophies on 60 cm hinged leader just were very lucky and they did it becasue they did not know that it is impossible? Please do not reply that 'well, the info in the manual just a general instruction, all water and fish are different, ...' since there mus tbe a reason that this info is in the manual. Thank you in advance, Zed
  5. Hi there, In the real life, we cast the rocket feeders on a way that we jerk the rod just before the rocket would hit the water so the material in it falls into the water. All of it, into one place. But in the game there is no this 'suddent jerking mechanism' so the rocket just falls into the water and some player claims that we have to wait while the material dissolves in the water. There are RF tutorial videos about it. So my question is: how is it implemented in the game? Do we really have to wait for e.g.: 15 seconds (obviously would not be enough in this case) or we can reel back the rocket immediately as in real life? Please keep in mind that in the oficial manual is written only that the dry mix in it starts to work 'quickly' -but what it means? Also note that I am speakig about rocket feeder, not the bomb. Thank you, Zed
  6. Zed895

    Happy Hour

    You can check your watch on your (probably)left hand. A lot of useless or just a bit useful features would take recources from the developer and tester teams. Moreover I would not play a fishing game where a stopper clock put pressure on me... it would be totaly against the spirit of angling. So yes, it would be a bit (very bit) useful, but there are more side-effects than value in it.
  7. Zed895


    Sorry, there is a typo: this one was on a method rig, so the second picture is wrong, but the main point is the same, since no PVA for method rig. Sorry for the inconvenience (maybe a moderator could delete the picture about the classic carp hair rig)
  8. Zed895


    And the next carp trophy without PVA: Fish: Common carp Water: Amber lake Spot: 84:146 Clip: 35 Setup: Dry mix: Not bad on a 12 kg Match rod, eh?! Good luck, tight lines!
  9. Zed895


    Hi there, recently I saw some hysteria about that 'ah, PVA is too strong, you can not catch anything without it...' (do not take it personaly if you are not among them). So I decided to post about two trophy carp what I caught without PVA (since I have only 62.1% making groundbait, I could not even use it). Fish: Linear carp Water: Amber lake Spot: 84:146 Clip: 35 Dry mix: As you can see there was not boili (neither crushed, nor whole) even on the spod rig. So if you want a trophy carp you should not be just envy for those who have PVA but use your experience to create the best tackle you can and have some patience. Good luck
  10. Zed895


    Please put the 'White-eye bream' in the text as well, otherwise the search function will not find it. Thanks.
  11. Zed895


    Hi there, I would like to thank all of you RF team for this magnificent experience and success: Fish: Chum salmon Water: Yama river Spot: 209:174 Time: 13:54 Rig: Ultra light The fight ended at the southern-east edge of the island and I had to lock the reel. (Dear children, NEVER EVER lock your reel! )) The Ultra Light absolute record: The general absolute record: And the setup, created by the great men and women working at the fantastic company Zeiman, by utilizing their enermous experience and knowledge:
  12. Nope. Check the picture again. There are no guides there. We have this graphical bug for long, but it seems only in case of Express Fishing rods. (If I remember well my EF picker rod also has this issue, but the tent is too far now to check.)
  13. Hi there, Above the right side of the tension bar there is a little triangle with a exclamation mark. I have read the user manual but it has no info about what it means. It does not appear for all types of rods. Let me know what it means please since it went to yellow once today -first time since I play this game. Thanks, Zed
  14. Nope. If you replace it for a better one, you still have t o repair it later. But the price will be lower that time, since you will return a better second-hand item. Just click on the little 'details' link left from the final price. Does not matter what you buy, an original or even a better part, you still pay a full price for it (obviously the better is more expansive), plus a working feel (it is in the details) and MINUS the used, second hand item what they remove. So by now there is no different methods like previously the 'replacement or restore' way. (Except for the oil, in that case you don't return the second hand item obviously, so it works like the 'replacement' (not the restore) way previously.)
  15. Please check the attached screenshot. As you can see in case of Express Fishing rods it seems there is an additional very small guide. The line goes from the reel to the rod (as it was a small guide there) then goes forward to the tip of the rod, now by the proper way: through the guides. It seems this bug appear only in case of Express Fishing rods (the third, proper rod is a Syberia one next to the two EF ones), but several different kind of EF rods are affected. Bests, Zed
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