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  1. Zed895


    Hi Guys, Water: Ladoga Archipelago Spot: G9, trolling Time: night Fish: vendace Setup:
  2. Zed895


    Hi Guys, Water: Ladoga Archipelago Spot: E6-7, trolling Time: dawn Fish: pike Setup:
  3. Zed895


    Hi Guys, Water: Ladoga Archipelago Spot: D5, trolling Time: evening Fish: smelt Setup:
  4. Zed895

    Graphix bug

    Hi there, There is a graphix bug related to the Beluga Natora reel: As you can see there is a white field around the '8000' text on the body of the reel. Previously there was no issue with it but since an update (do not know since when) it is white instead of the normal color of the reel. I am using a Radeon RX 460 graphix card with up to date driver and ADM Ryzen 5 CPU and 16 GB ram with Windows 10 64bit. Bests, Zed.
  5. Zed895


    Hi Guys, Water: Yama Spot: 169:211, max cast Time: evening Fish: siberian char loach trophy Setup:
  6. Zed895


    Hi Guys, Water: Sura Spot: H8, trolling Time: dawn Fish: zander trophy Setup:
  7. Thanks, but I can't see the upgrade options in this file. Edit: meantime I found it: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1CXmisFvH-fydEp8imtq2dR3lhWfDi6YO4hWdiDCIGJU/edit#gid=0
  8. Sorry, but there was a Russian excel file linked here in the forum which contained the upgrade possibilities of the reels. Don't you know where could I find it? Thank you.
  9. Zed895


    Hi Guys, Water: Bear lake Spot: 44:51, clip 23 Time: night Fish: common carp trophy Setup: Dry mix:
  10. I was thinking about this issue and maybe that caused the problem, that there is no lvl 8 (75%) base so I used (crushed) boilies and attractants. Is there anybody with the same issue? Or maybe experience about that you received the lvl 8 achievement later, when managed to create a lvl 9 groundbait? Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi there, I reached the 8th level of groundbait making (like boilis and blackberry, black currant attractants) and created some. I did not receive the 8th level of breadwinner achievements. Bests, Zed
  12. Zed895


    Hi guys, Water: Bear lake Spot: 55:63, clip 21 Fish: black carp trophy Dry mix: Setup:
  13. Nonsense... catfish has its teeth back in its throat... how could it bite the leader? It is ok for me that fish with big teeth bite the leader (extreamly raerly of course -if it is not a pike) but catfish??
  14. Zed895


    Hi guys, Amber lake, mirror ghost carp. Dry mix: corn flour, tutti frutti feed pellet: 4/6/8/10, white chocolate. Fish: Setup:
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