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  1. Well, since you have both, I accept your opinion, thanks!
  2. It seems to me that the Overlord is stronger reel after all, since you are not interested in the 'rated drag', since it shows only what the 'manufacturer' guarantees, e.g.: if you put a 30kg line onto these reels and set 29 stregth the lines will brake. Because the actual strength of these reels are more than 24.5 and 26.5. So the real power is more close to the 'max drag', I think. Bests, Z.
  3. How do you mean 'little worse Tagara'? As per this sheet Overlord is stronger, and as you wrote it can handle longer line: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zP41qcHAHKnqYV4r6JuJ5vrqMeux2FLN9pLY3C54_Uc/edit#gid=657725649 Thanks, Z.
  4. Thank you! When it is Christmas does anybody can buy Overlord or there is any kind of condition? Do you remember how much stars (4? 5?) had it in the shop? Thank you, Z.
  5. I just would like to know it, because I can't decide whether to buy a Megara now or wait for the Overlord. It seems to me now that the Overlord would be better. So if somebody has one please let me know if it worse to wait for it, or if there is any condition to buy it on Christmas. Thank you, Z.
  6. Hi guys, I would have a few questions about the Christmas reel 'Overlord 87': - Can anybody buy it at Christmas? - How much stars does it have in the shop? - Are the repair costs above or below compared to Megara or Tagara reels (approximatelly)? Thank you, Zed
  7. So the boili question is clarified: boilies are not considered as mixes (this makes sense), so I do not have to worry about the override effect. Except in one case: when the boili is an ingredient of a mix, in this case another mix can overrite it, am I right? About pellets: I was not refering to the thing you can buy at Winding rivulet. I was speaking about two other types of pellets: the ones which are among the baits in the tackle shop and the ones which are among the additivies in the tackle shop. In the English version of the game both called 'pellet'. As per your reply only those have a size which are among the additivies. OK. In your guide you wrote that 'feed pellets' are small. I assume these are the Winding ones. It is also clear from your guide that bait-type of pellets ('Pellets that are also used as bait') are large. As per your current reply it is clear that the additive -type of pellets have their size and as per your guide it is large if it is above 16mm, otherwise it is small. I just ask it since I would like to filter to big fish. So in this case I should not use pellets from Winding, but I should use pellets from the bait section of the tackle shop since they are large. In this case the only thing which is not clear that why does the user manual states the "groundbaiting pellets of three different sizes, e.g. 3 mm, 7 mm, and 12 mm" are large, since they are not the not the bait ones, so they do not have size (as per your reply, if I understand well) and they are especialy not above 16 mm... I apologize if it seems that I am a bit dummy, but I feel that we are getting closer and closer to the solution Thank you again!
  8. Thank you for your reply. So even if the dry mix consist of other stuffs than the boilies in the PVA, they will not overwrite the PVA? So it works on a different way then previously did, or PVA never was considered as GB, not like boilies? Could you clarify my second question as well, about the pellet sizes? (I do not know which pellet (the feed or the bait version) is considered as 'generic'? Thank you.
  9. Other issue: This is from the user guide: "Make the dry mixture with groundbaiting pellets of three different sizes, e.g. 3 mm, 7 mm, and 12 mm. ... This mixture contains large fractions," From Elwoodiath2's guide: Small particles up to 16mm: Feed pellets Additives such as bloodworms, chopped worms Basic mixtures such as linseed, corn flour Large particles from 16mm: Whole boilies Pellets that are also used as bait PVA stringer Feeding with a boiling pipe / sling So a pellet, what I can buy from the shop in the grundbait/addicitves category is a small or a large particle? Thank you
  10. Admins wrote million times in different guides, that "if the new gb land on the same area and has different ingredients, then it will override the original gb". And now this guide tell us, to use some kind of PVA (there are boilis in the PVA) then create a dry mix (obviously with different ingredients), then use a slingshot or a cobra and deliver there some boilis (assuming the same type of boilies as in the PVA). So in this case what is the point in using the dry mix, since it will override the PVA, then the cobra will set back the PVA's effect , since it has the same boilis then the PVA? Thank you.
  11. Zed895


    Hi guys, Spieces: Vendace Water: Ladoga Line: mono with a 0.4mm, 25 cm fluoro leader (9.8kg) Cast: South-West, clip 27 Time: midnight Weather: 10 degree, no wind
  12. Zed895


    Spieces: Dace Water: Windig rivulet Cast: West-SouthWest, 122% Time: noon Weather: warm Depth: 30 cm
  13. Zed895


    Spieces: Freshwater crayfish Water: Windig rivulet GB: Feed, bloodworm, fly maggots, chopped worm, fish oil.
  14. Zed895


    Water: Windig rivulet Depth: 17 cm GB: feed-blodworm-anise oil, thrown by hand Clip: ~60%
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