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  1. Zed895


    Spieces: Dace Water: Windig rivulet Cast: West-SouthWest, 122% Time: noon Weather: warm Depth: 30 cm
  2. Zed895


    Spieces: Freshwater crayfish Water: Windig rivulet GB: Feed, bloodworm, fly maggots, chopped worm, fish oil.
  3. Zed895


    Water: Windig rivulet Depth: 17 cm GB: feed-blodworm-anise oil, thrown by hand Clip: ~60%
  4. Zed895


    On Mosquito. 210 gr, so it should have been on weekly record list of the 'Other region' but still not appeared... (My other trophies appear on the weekly record list if they are enough big, only this one not.)
  5. I read those guides long ago, I enjoyed them. I have no problem with that there is a snap-back, it is normal like in real life as you wrote. But still, it is the classic 'last ninja' problem of game development. That game was very popular that time and also extreamly difficult. The developer did not want to make it extreamly difficult but for him (as a developer) was not difficult at all. He was genious as a game developer but was not able to think with the mind of the palyers. By now it became a Handbook example. Since I am still just a player thus I have maximum a few hours on every day for this application I decided that just set the slingshot to 33 meter when the clip is 35 and hope the best. If it is not the proper value, then let it be. Thank you, Z.
  6. Ok, I already realized that a non-full power cast makes less slack. But in this case what is the point of the clip? So if I figure out that e.g. 83% power results 35m distance, then why I would use a clip? Other issue is that I am not the developer neither a tester of this game so I have no time to test the proper distance of the GB, since e.g. 100 tests would not be enough since the game is realy complex, so I could not know that the distance was good or the time or the temperature, or the color of the line or the, ... so if it is not your profession then there is no chance to receive a proper result just by testing. I literally could not know that the fish was hooked due to the proeprly placed GB or just by the above mentioned reasons or by millions of other possible reason. If the game was more simple (what I do not wish) then the players would be able to test-and-try-and-receive the proper data. But know, we just have to ask, if the game calculate the physics of the slingshot on the same way as the cast? It should not be considered as a secret imho.
  7. Hi, When I set a clip e.g. to 35 meter there is always a slack when I cast. So the line is not totaly straight thus I think the actual distance between me and the bait is only 34 or 33 meters or even less. Sometimes the slack is bigger sometimes it is smaller. After the cast I have to deliver the GB to the place of the rig. In this case shall I set the distance of the slingshot to 33 meter or to 35 meter? With other words: does the program calculate with the slack or not? (It is another question that you have no chance to aim properly with a slinghshot without points on it, but at least I try to set the proper distance.) Thank you, Z.
  8. Zed895


    Lake: Bear Cast: NNE, towards the left side of the reeds. Clip: 35m GB: I used standard carp GB, but my slingshot skill is on zero so very likely I was not able to deliver the GB to the rig.
  9. Zed895


    Hi, what does 'pb' stand for?
  10. Hi, what rig do you use? For boilies you have to use rigs like snowman rig or classic hair rig, and so on. Basic bottom rig or paternoster will not accept boilies since the update sadly.
  11. Hi, I think it is not a hotspot, but I caught a caspian trout at the morning with a 28.2kg fluoro leader on the E2 map section by trolling. Lure: soturi 22g -010.
  12. Rig: loop with mono Hook: 8 GB: crackers-chopped-maggot-millet-sunflower Time: 6 o'clock Place: Donets, 72:160
  13. Hi, as per RF4 sys req minimum: "Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system" -checked "Processor: IntelĀ® i3 2.5Ghz" - my CPU is definitely above this in Ghz, number of cores, architect, and so on. And it is obvious that the issue is since the last update, and my CPU did not change. If the sys req. has been increased by the update than you should have updated the sys req as well. And as I replied at the post of our other fishing mate my problem is the same than his. So do you claim that his rig is also not enough? Anyway I try to decrease the video settings as you suggested, although my rig is enough for the good settings and I like the nice graphic, especially that the frame rate is also high enough.
  14. One additional info: as I wrote it always happens when I jigstep for chars, but it does not happen at Ladoga when I use wacky rig or loop rig at a different location of the lake.
  15. Hi, I posted it only once, and later when I saw a similar problem I replied that it is like my problem. It is not multiple report. My system is: AMD Phenom II 6 core 2.7Ghz CPU (3.2 at turbo, it is not overclock!) Asus Radeon RX460 2 GB GDDR5 video card 8 GB RAM Sound: built in on the Asus Mb Win7 64 bit
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