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  1. Thank you, I am waiting then (though my question is relevant even without a new water, since any big fish (let's say a 100kg fish) could not be caught with small spoon since you have to lock the reel just due to the big dead weight of a big fish when it is already exhausted and reel it in by the strength of the line). But in this case I am waiting with my next reel purchase. Thanks, Zed
  2. Is not any admin or dev here who could clarify my concern? Thanks
  3. Hi there, I caught a 92 kg sturgeon on Archipelago with a strong spinning rod and a Beluga Megara spinning reel. The reel has a big drag force and its mechanism is also enough strong. The fight was fun and difficult but finaly the fish gave up the fight. But it still was in very deep. So I just simply had to pull it up to catch it. And this was a problem. Despite my setup was in very good condition at the beginning of the fishing I still had to lock the reel otherwise I would not have beeen able to pull up the already exhausted fish just because its huge dead weight. So I locked the reel and had a hope that my 35-39 kg line/leader will be enought strong (its size was following the 150% rule written by admins and the big spool also allowed it). When there was a wave or a very weak movement of the fish I had to unlock the reeel (put it onto 29 strenght) otherwise the line would have broken. So it took me almost a day to just pull it up after an approx two days fight. Luckyly I had an extra ticket for the boat. But finally I managed it. It would be a happy end but there is a question: How can be a Beluga Tera 30 conventional reel ready for sea trophy fishing (as it is written on its description) if it has less drag froce and especially far less spool then the Megare in the example above? Since in the sea we can expect even bigger fish than a sturgeon (not to speak about trophies) so we see that the bottleneck is not the drag force but the mechanic and the strength of the line. I am positive that it has enough mechanic strength (since it is a conventional reel) but due to the small spool (far smaller than the Megara's) it will not have even a 39 kg line, so it will not be able to lift up a 92 kg fish like the Megara was able, though it also was on its very edge. Based on the experience above a sea fish just by its dead weight (after the fight) will be far too much for a Tera 30 drag so a lock will be a must, but in this case the line (determined by the small spool) will be just not enough thick (strong) for lifting it up. Could you confirm or deny it? (I know that the mechanic strengh of conventional reels are big, but this is not the bottleneck as you can see). Thank you in advance, Zed
  4. Zed895


    Hi Guys, Water: Tunguska Spot: 82:100, clip 14 Depth: 145 cm Time: afternoon Fish: peled trophy Setup:
  5. I followed Cod Eyes' idea and tried to ommit spod rod, but keep feeding another way: by method rig. The fish now are much more and bigger. But it is interesting that when I used 2 method rigs and a simple classic hair rig on the very same spot there was technically zero catch on the classic hair rig, all were on the method rigs, despite they had the same feeding since the hair rig's tackle also was in the area of GB casted by the two method rigs. So it seems classic hair rig does not work at all without PVA here, regardless if you use no GB, spod rod or GB casted by the other two rods. Interesting.
  6. Thanks, but this was NOT the question and some of your therories are against what we know from official sources here. Like the developer Q&A. E.g.: the diameter (not the redius) of the feed area is 5 meter. So 2 meter of radius is not OK. Or both of the bomb and the rocket work on the same way in this game from this point of view (not like in real life, but this is a game). The game differenciates between the bomb and the rocket only from the point of view of the size of the particles, but not the effective area. Throwing balls upstream is also pointless because in this game the feeding area is not 'moving'. Of course there is a chance that you are right but this is not what we have as official information. Clay and animo is OK, but this was not the question.
  7. Intertesting. I also can imagine this, since this is my experience. But what woudl be the logic behind it? (Beyond the possibilities that developers do not want yo uto catch trophy here without pva). I mean in real life carp are not detered by rocket or bomb feeders in rivers. And one more thing: I tried without feeding at all. Also did not help, only small carps (max 3 kg) arrived. But well, small ones are more than nothing...
  8. I know that the feed is proper because it is used by many people in this current week with great results. I see it on the chat as well. And I know that the GB has shorter effective time in river than in lakes, due to it is washed away. We know how the game handle this. So I would happy if you told me, how long clip would you set for the spod rod at the bank of the river Akhtuba where it is 8 meter deep when the lines of the 3 carp rods are e.g. 18 meters? Thank you, Z.
  9. Sorry but do not off the topic. (If you cast it on a way to have a slack, then the casting distance will be shorter of course. But this is not the question here, we can cast properly to prevent slack)
  10. Hi. Nope, the line is in the clip, so it is fixed in both case: the carp rods and the spod rod. Bests, Zed
  11. Hi guys, I have a problem and it seems the test-and-error method does not work. Let use Akhtuba wild carp spot as an example: At 51:138 the ideal clip for carp rods let say are 17 meter (proven by many up to date results). But the river there is very deep, 8 meter as per map. To make it simple let's assume the map is correct. If I set the rocket feeder rod's clip to the same 17 meter, the feeding area obviously will be more far from the bank then the carp rods' rigs themselves since -as we know from the developer Q&A- the rocket/bomb feeders populate the area with feed where they hit the water. But meantime the tackles at the end of the carp rods' rigs will be much more closer to the bank since they have to sink to the 8 meter depth. The actual problem is based on Pythagora's thesis. (a2 and b2 and c2, the 3 edges of the same triangle). So the carp rods' tackles must be longer (they are the longest edge of the triangle) than the spod rod's clip. Previously I was able to counter this problem by setting the spod rod's clip a bit shorter (like by 1 or 2 meters) than the carp rods' clips for example at river Sura. But here, at the 8 meter deep Akhtuba it just simply does not work. I tried to set 0 meter, 1 meter, 2 meter, even 4 meter differences and I clearly see, that the 3 carp rods' rigs are not in the feeding area, almost no catch at all. (I am a level 4 carp master with more than 99% bottom fishing, so I can ommit the possibility that I made some basic mistake). I tried the method rig instead of the spod rod to test and that gives me some fish, which makes sense since the feeding area is the same where the baits are in case of method rigs. There is no problem with PVA as well of course since the PVA is at the same spot after cast then the baits. This triangle problem exists only in case of spod rod, but I have to use spod rod since I have no PVA option yet. So please let me know what you think how long would be the ideal clip for the spod rod if the carp rods are set to 17 meter and the river is 8 meter deep? Thank you in advacnce, Zed
  12. Zed895


    Hi Guys, Water: Amber lake Spot: 64:95, clip 35 Time: night Fish: mirror carp trophy Setup: GB:
  13. Zed895


    Hi Guys, Water: Amber lake Spot: 64:95, clip 35 Time: dawn Fish: liner ghost carp trophy Setup: GB (quality was 9/10, not 8/10):
  14. The problem is that often the game does not recognize the snag, so you have no option to try to release it. I do not even remember when was last time for me that it recognised, so 90% of the cases it means you have to restart the game. Which is very annoying if you have travelled far by boat
  15. Zed895


    Hi Guys, Water: Ladoga Archipelago Spot: G9, trolling Time: night Fish: vendace Setup:
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