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  1. Geldour

    spawn points

    i get that you want the fish to migrate ( which we all know is not true they just vanish) but anyway, you need to add more spawn points There is nothing fun about looking for a fish for 2hrs, fair enough if you played the game as a full time job or something but come on.........
  2. makes no difference at all. I just fished for 30mins at bear lake, used a 2kg leader with potato and caught nothing, where as on the 30kg steel i caught a 1kg common besides that i caught nothing so logged off bored
  3. which brings me to my previous statement - They do not give any information about items. It is weird that the devs seem to think it is a good idea to keep everything so secretive about what items do what. I can't even work out what leader i should use and ive being playing for years
  4. fish are different for every account so watching a streamer is no help also there is no information in game, i mean hell,. im lvl 35 played for years and still have no idea what lines/lures/hooks/tracers im suppose to be using
  5. i wasn't i was fishing at bear lake because the first 30mins at kouri produces 0 bites
  6. i still have about a month premium left but i still don't bother playing Tried again yesterday for about 40 mins for 1 bream, caught on potato.
  7. every time i log in i end up bored as hell after 20mins due to catching nothing and promptly logging out which is sad because this used to be my fav game, but tbh i don't think ill bother with it anymore. Games are created for fun, sadly as much as i love the game, i can not remember the last time i had fun within it. you guys need to add more information 1- add recommended hook sizes/leader types for each species, I'm level 35 and still have no idea what i'm suppose to use and due to the random results it makes it impossible to know. 2- add a fishing report? so sick of wasting my time for hours looking for a bite. At least tell me where the hot spots are or something wow EG- it could be a simple 10silver purchase to ask a local fisherman his thoughts, and a reply from him could be " i hear some decent pike are up the river" but actually have the pike up the river..... 3- repair costs- sorry but there is no other way of expressing how bad these costs make the developers look. Money grabbing from people that have already paid good $$ to you is lame. 4- sending items- let us send in bulk.. we already pay you $$ to be able to send, don't waste our time.
  8. I really miss playing this game, but every time i log in i get so bored due to watching a rod for an hour do nothing. I spend more $ on moving areas than what i can re coop through fishing. It's frustrating, especially when the other night i watched a streamer, did the EXACT same thing as him, same gear, line, leader, bait, exact same fishing spot only to watch him pull in one after another and me not getting a bite.
  9. same, tried all the steps listed, nothing works, it started happening since update
  10. yea done it earlier, waiting on reply. Im guessing the system thought i was a bot because who else would make 200odd gb in a row trying to level up lol sad though as im bored and i have sturgeon in my bag rotting now
  11. cheers, i ended up getting it to work last night but was welcomed with a nice message saying i was blocked for using hacks/bots this morning. fun fun. never used anything but hey
  12. same, was happening alot last night, but now im banned for some reason so i guess it doesnt matter anymore lol
  13. it is yes, and it happens every single update, has done for years
  14. every time a new patch comes i am forced to re download the whole game again, it fails to update.
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