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  1. This dude keeps looking at me funny
  2. couple of hours crusing around chasing the salmon, not a bad day session was done in 3-4 lots of an 30mins- 1 hour over the day mostly spoons and fluro 17/15/9.6 lines
  3. Geldour

    Kuori lake

    Probably the best session iv'e ever had in this game. Lots of nice fish knockin about! I was using all fluro lines, 15 17 and 27 kg and mostly spoons
  4. while trolling , hooked near end of pier/jetty
  5. Geldour


    I wish there was actual answers for these questions intead of just opinions. if i use 27kg fluro i get no bites where as if i use 9kg with a 12kg STEEL i get bites. makes no sense at all to me. What is even the point of thicker lines and stronger gear if you can't hook anything with them? I'm level 34 and all my biggest fish where caught when i was like level 14-16 using smaller gear.
  6. remove or lower the boat sound. being so many of us asking that for 2 years. want me to code it for you? its a 10min job.
  7. bite rate too low takes way too long to find fish ( it shouldn't be a full time job just to locate a fish) no information given in regards to types of lines/lures/hooks should be used. I'm level 35 and still have no idea what to use. custom tourneys should give a shout out to the map when starting soon, gives people a chance to know there is one to join if they want too. premium is completely pointless and does nothing at all of any value to the player add a fish finder for the boat and lights on the boat, no brainier really, i would of thought. cost to repair is way too high UL category should be defined by the weight of the line not by the rod, UL rods should give bigger xp boosts though. REMOVE THE NOISE OF THE BOAT ENGINE
  8. It was an awesome fight, just as i was licking my lips dreaming of golden caviar, i accidentally pushed to stand up and she swam back to live another day
  9. it is a sad sad day today for fisherman geldour This bad boy snapped the 13.8kg leader right at the end of an epic fight. No idea of size, id guess 10kg + felt like nessy or some form of fresh water submarine
  10. Hello Mr Nero, i find frogs on the east of the map around the lilly pads, you can sometimes hear them croaking too! Use a tiny hook with a fly or bloodworm on a telescopic rod Note- this works for me, but may not be the best way
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