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  1. kevhuk

    Common Carp

    hi amun nice fish what depth for waggler please
  2. kevhuk

    Report a Bug

    hi elwood still got the long loading time thats the only problem the game works fine and great job on the graphic change nice work guys
  3. kevhuk

    Report a Bug

    i know its not my computer elwood the spec is more than high enough had problems after one of the updates mate game works fine when loaded just takes long time load
  4. kevhuk

    Technical Issues

    ok mate thanks its just strange me and my girlfriend both started together and neither of us had happy hour yesterday if we did it didnt show on screen will check later when we go on game thanks for checking
  5. kevhuk

    Bear Lake

    it took nearly a week to get some decent fish was only getting small stuff i was having same problem as chey had a decent day today
  6. kevhuk

    Bear Lake

    mine is the same chey its getting really annoying i have done my setups as well as what people have put up i use to catch some very good fish from bear now its only small ones groundbait dont make no difference sometimes it stops the fish bear is one place i know well all i seem to be doing lately no matter where i go is watching everyone else bring the fish in i went to 3 differnet maps yesterday and it was the same next to nothing only small ones what i did catch
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