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Found 1 result

  1. The EN forum is the best forum among the 9 forums, so I decide to say something here from my heart and hope it can be heard by the game designer. Thanks in advance. I am a player from China and started to play this game maybe in July 2018 on steam. I was immediately attracted by the physical engine of this game. The feeling of fishing is almost real and really suits those who don't have spare time to fish outside in real life. Different fishing tackles can be used in this game and fighting with huge fish is really amazing. I love this game in the past 4 years and even produced a lot of video guides for new players in Bilibili.com. But things changed since the "Biting Hour Effect" was inserted in this game. Here, the "Biting Hour Effect" means if you fish continuously in the same location, the harvest in the first hour is normal while the harvest in the second hour will be cut by half and the harvest in the third hour will be negligible. Next, I will tell you why this "Biting Hour Effect" (BHE for short) is a totally wrong decision. Firstly, I think a good design should make a balance among lure fishing, bottom fishing and floating fishing. Before the BHE, the game did go that way. But the birth of BHE ruined the balance. More than 2 locations of bottom fishing are often difficult to find at the same time for a typical fish spice, to say nothing of float fishing. As a result, lure fishing becomes the most popular and one can easily find 2 or more locations to exchange hour by hour without any cost especially in Map Ladoga Archipelago. In the past years, I would suggest Rookies focus on both bottom fishing and lure fishing. But now, if a rookie asks me how to adapt to this game faster, I will say that just play lure fishing and go to Ladoga Archipelago as soon as possible. The playability of this game is getting worse. Secondly, a good design should make most of the maps (obviously not all) attractive and players would like to change from map to map. But BHE has made the Map Ladoga Archipelago the only one to choose if you want to earn silver faster for better equipment as mentioned in the above. (By the way, the Akhtuba River was once the best map in my opinion, because you can do almost whatever you want here. Float fishing, bottom fishing and lure fishing all have the exponents here. But when the eastern bream is popular among players, you cut it down. When the catfish is popular, you also cut it down. When the black-spined Herring is popular, you again cut it down. You guys have made Akhtuba River from the best map ever to some map for sturgeons. That's a big step back.) Thirdly, a good game needs both designers and players. Have you ever thought about what attracts the old players when the curiosity is gone? Different kinds of trophy fishes, larger fishes or more achievements. Obviously, the BHE makes all the 3 types of players disgusted. You guys could increase the price of tackles again and again without informing in advance. We forgive that. The server could be poor and easy to break down every time after the client is updated. We forgive that, too. However, please stop cutting down the harvest to disgust we old players who ever loved this game so much. We came to this game for fishing, not for drinking or digging. Fourthly, I heard that the BHE was first implemented to deal with cheaters who use cheating tools and always stay in the same location fishing for a long time automatically. If really so, this is really a wrong decision. Cheaters are awful but the number of them are less if dealt with properly. The number of normal players is more. You should not sacrifice the interests of the majority just to deal with the minority. If you really want to handle the cheaters, update your system of game guard and detect them more quickly. One is one, two is two. Don't mix them together. Moreover, I also heard that the BHE is set to make the game more virtual reality. Pardon? In reality, I have spent several hours standing by the river with few fish caught, so I don't want to stand by the computer for several hours with few fish again. We come to this game to experience something amazing we may not experience in real life. If you guys keep doing things like that, you are losing those who really loved this game. Hope you guys could understand what I have said and cancel the BHE in the game. I can see lots of disadvantages and even not one advantage of it. This has been the most criticizing setting in the game ever.
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