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Found 3 results

  1. Hi my fishing friends! Would I need help with Pop-Ups and Pellets on how I could use them as bait? I'm level 10, I have a very basic Feeder fishing rod with a 2000 reel, 60 gram feeding basket and size 10 medium hook. As if in real life, I tried to look in the store for the silicone forehead I used to use but couldn’t find anything. How can I use these? Thanks for the help in advance <3
  2. Hi guys! a have a big problem,after i hooked a fish (check with "r" shows auto adjust.) thats ok,but the fish is vanished from my rod.. no massage in the chat: fish got away.. :( im restarted the game,my pc, i bought new hooks,restart the internet router,check integrity in steam..and the problem is still here.. PLS someone help me.
  3. Tell us your experience with feeder fishing and ask anything regarding it in here.
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