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Found 2 results

  1. Hello dear fishing friends, Since there have been questions about how the points of the leaderboards are calculated and how the system works, we would like to explain the principle to you in more detail. We will explain this with examples and pictures. Prizes Let's start with the rewards for global weekly records. There are 2 different prize variants. First the Leaderboard of the 10 Best Players of the respective Global List (Important: there must be weekly global records to be included in this rating) Regular (the biggest global records are scored there) Ultralight (only fish caught with UL equipment) Fishing records (Only fish caught with telescopic rods {pole rods}) At the end of the week, the top 10 players in the list will receive silver prizes and an award visible in the profile. In addition, there is the reward for the largest fish of any kind such as the Russian sturgeon. Again, it goes to the above lists (Regular, UL, best records). This is rewarded with 300 silver. Under "Winners of the Week" you can see the rewards of placements and even the largest fish. This list always shows the winners of the last week. Calculation of points So how exactly are these points calculated? The most important point is that you have to take the first place in the respective list at least once so that the other placements are scored. Here's a little example: A player captures a brown trout (# 3), grayling (# 4), and asp (# 2) for the weekly global list and wonders why he is not among the weeklies. Now the player catches an albino catfish (1st place) and not only gets the 5080 points from the first place but additionally his other placements are scored and then a total number of 4 records are displayed. So the effective factor is that you have to take 1st place at least once at the end of the week and all other placements of 2 - 5 are added.
  2. Hello! Today I am suggesting something that I think should have been implemented a long time ago. More search filters for records. *Note: In this suggestion, I will be referring "waterbody" or "waterbodies" as "map" or "maps". As a new player, I find it annoying that in the map's filter it will tell you records from pretty much all time. Then there is Absolute records that tell you records on all maps and Weekly records which tell you the weekly records on all maps again. I find this annoying because I want to see what people from the same region and map as me use to catch these fine fishies. What I am suggesting is more filters, an example: <map name> Weekly records. See attached image to see how I mean. Of course people can look up guides on how to catch certain fish, but most guides were made over a year ago and possibly in other regions if that even matters. I am in Sweden, my region in-game would be "Other region". I wish to see what lures people use to catch this and that fish on this map or that map specifically. As always, there will be people in the comments saying "Oh but why don't you go on youtube and learn how to fish?" or "Fun idea! But not needed." but I feel like it could often help even the professionals who want to try out something new but don't know what lure or bait to use. - your setup may be something you have to find out by yourself like hook size, depth, etc but lures and baits would be useful to know. I don't know what else to say, but please do comment if you have a question that you want me to answer and I'll see what I can do. Thank you.
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