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Found 2 results

  1. Original Post (16. September 2018) in German: Link Dear community, Some of you are probably a bit overwhelmed with the huge selection of rods in the game. In this guide I would like to help you to decide which rod suits your needs best. First, I would like to explain the actions of the rods and talk about their advantages and disadvantages. Let's start: (enjoy the puns that come with this topic ) Rod Actions and Sensitivity Sensitivity = describes the flexibility of the rod. With higher values, the flexibility moves towards the tip. Extra Fast Action = ultrafast in the game Also called extra-fast-taper, is suitable for very fine fishing with small baits such as the Texas Rig or poppers (surface lures) on asp and similar predators. Produces extremely long throw distances and has a direct transmission through the incredibly fast spike. Very suitable for finesse fishing. Fast Taper = fast in game A good example is the Armada ... This rod is just great as for jigging on zander and similar benthic predators. How so ? Quite simple: Because of the tip action and the extra hard blank, we can recognize even the finest bites but still have lots of power due to the strong spine. In addition, rods with a hard blank and pointed action throw very far. The disadvantages of such a rod can be felt when fighting very strong and heavy fish such as e.g. Salmon, catfish, or sturgeon. The rod is just too hard to absorb the impact of such a heavy fish. Medium Taper = medium in game Here I chose the Evora as an example. This rod is a great allrounder. Due to the medium action, it is well suited for fishing with wobblers, but you can also jig with it, as there is still enough backbone available through the medium hard blank. It is great for trout or pike, since it already - by the action itself - can absorb impact really well. Slow Taper = Slow in game Lightweight spinning rods are also included. The fishing rod bends over the entire rod length under load. So from the top to the hand part. Advantage is the cushioning of escapes at close range and optimal utilization of power reserves For bigger fish: Here I chose the Barracuda. Slow, parabolic rods are very suitable for catching very large and heavy fish. It is particularly suitable for tiring them out because you put pressure on the fish with the entire blank. Although they are usually softer, it is much easier to bring the fish in. However, you should choose a fishing method on which the fish hooks itself, since the rod is hardly suitable for striking. Catfish and sturgeon usually hook themselves with their weight. The Barracuda is also suitable for very large salmon, because it absorbs much of their impact. However, you have to be very careful because of enormous tension problems with such fish. In addition, such soft rods provide a rather short throwing distance, because they have little transmission in the blank. Sturdiness and Power of the Blanks "Power" = speed of the blanks Power describes the speed of the blanks from the grip to the tip. Example: During the fight with a fish, it suddenly swims towards you and we have complete loss of tension. Now the speed of the rod shows how quickly the blank responds to the situation. Be it the speed of the bending curve in the normal state (return speed) or the reactions to violent head bangs of the fish. "sturdiness" = stiffness or flexibility of the rod blank The sturdiness has a direct influence on the casting weight of the rod, regardless of its carrying capacity. The more robust the rod, the greater the minimum throw weight that is needed to cast out far .. Stiffness The stiffness helps to determine how well the blank will react to sudden movements while drilling and it also indicates what retrieval methods suite this rod best. Stiffness <5/10 will not allow for twitching retrievals as the blank will be too soft to get the twitch through to the bait.
  2. Hello, I have noticed a bug on a rod I bought, the Syberia Model One S98H Spinning Rod. The last 4 guidance rings (the bigger ones) are bugged and glitching in and out of the blank. See pictures attached. Could you please look into this? I like the way the rod looks but the glitching is a bit of a turn off, hopefully this doesn't affect the rod performance. I am using the steam client version. CPU Ryzen 5 1600 RAM 16GB 3000MHz GPU GTX 1660 Super OS Windows 10 x64 bit Thank you.
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