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Found 2 results

  1. I think wear on all equipment is displayed wrong in the info tab. It only shows the wear on the main part and not in overall giving the angler a wrong idea of the state and actual capacity of his gear. Since the wear on every single part lowers the capacity or strength of gear, I believe it would be best to show the total wear %. As you can see in pictures below one of my rods would have 4.7% but in reality it has 22.2% and therefor it's down to about 30kg capacity and not 37kg! The same for reels! Below you can see my Tagara 6000 at 9.1% but in reality it has 23.9% wear! Losing not 1kg strength but 4.44kg!
  2. Hi guys I noticed that a lot of you are worried about the wear on your reels especially when using more expensive reels. Please see some tips below that will help you to slow down wear on your rods, reels and to save money when repairing your gear at the workshop: - Best quality equipment (more star rating) wears of slower, so when buying your equipment, please consider it, as it will save you money in the future. - Using braided line makes your equipment wears off faster. - Use mono lines as much as possible - mono lines wear off your rod and reels much much slower than braided lines. - Use the "right"/correct setup for the water body you fishing in and for the fish species you are targeting: * Don't "waste" your very powerful reels and rods when fishing for small fish species. I wouldn't recommend to use Mayor 6000 or Everest 2 8000 when targeting Bream, Ide on Volkhov or Zeiman Rocket Jet when targeting Char, Artic Chars at Kuori Lake - use less powerful reels and rods to save money on repairs. * When making a your setup, please remember that your rod should be stronger than your reel and line. When choosing a rod, reel and line remember that different types of rods/reels/lines are intended to fish for different species. Use heavy carp rods and stronger reels when fishing for carps, barbel, sturgeon and other large species. * Line and/or leader should be the WEAKEST point in your setup - you don't need 25 kg line to get a fish that weights 25kg - you will be fine using a 15kg line. - Let the bigger fish run for a bit - work with your friction brake- don't lock it, don't keep it at 27-29 at all times, give the fish freedom to get tired on lower drag and once the fish is tired then slowly increase the drag on your reel and land the fish. - Don't let the color on the stress indicator go to red when you are fighting a fish - once the stress indicator is on red - your gear is wearing a lot faster than normal: - Don’t do forceful reeling when fish is fighting and running away from you, take your time, reel in slowly once the fish stop running/fighting - less damage to your tackle. - Walk after the fish so you can land it faster - once the fish is tired you not need to reel fish 100 m - you can slowly walk to it, also use the current to your advance. - Explore the water body you want to fish in - calculate and test how much line you really need - you might be fine with a 120m mono line on your reel and you might not need 250m braided line for that water body - saving money on repairs. - Targeting all the time bigger fish species and landing them will earn you more silver(in game currency) you will also get more experience from them but please expect that your equipment will wear off faster as well - bigger fish fights harder and make more damage to your gear. For example landing a trophy Russian Surgeon will earn you 1500 + silver coins so please expect that your equipment will get some damage when fighting it, and some of your silver will go towards repairs - this is how the game works. Regards Levo
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