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  1. Just reading through the forum I came across below explanation, which made me realise how beginner I am despite lvl 16. I progress slowly but I enjoy it but I want to improve. Read it in Levo_RF4 guide for setup suggestions. Also some new players think that when they see on the reel that the max drag is 4.5kg, it means that this reel can only stop the fish that is not bigger (weight of the fish) than a 4.5kg. And ofcourse this is not about the fish weight. It is about the strength-force that fish is putting on the reel, that these players unfortunately mix up. Also some of the lines and leaders are chosen for the specific water body and fish living in it - for example you do not need 300m line on Kuori Lake and you do not need more than 150m on Bear Lake but also you do not need 20kg line when targeting Chars or Burbots on Kuori Lake. Another example is: you do not need an Everest II 8000 and Dominator Carp Rod when targeting Breams at Volkhov. What I mean is: once a player gets more experienced, they will know what line, leaders, reels, rods are best for the fish they are targeting. But if they don't have this knowledge yet, is better to be safe than sorry - it is probably cheaper to have line thorn than reel or rod broken. Regards Levo I am not able to provide my exact gear but as soon as I got my computer back I can give exact details. Spinner rod (2 or 3*) MH 2,7m max 12kg if I remember well, test 5-20 Reel (white colour max drag 6,5kg and I think it's a Pro 3000. (3 or 3,5*) Line is 100m 4* braided I will check the brand. with steel 7,7kg leader I think 25cm. I chasing pikes. The biggest one was ~3.1kg and here comes my problem. I don't want to hook a 12kg pikes on as I am sure it would lead to run out of line / broken reel. My question is how I can get a 6kg fish with this setup? What I am doing wrong? It only happened with a weaker feeder rod (max 3kg same as reel) but I feel if I got a 6kg pike on this rod it would be the same as below: I got a fish hooked on. Then I try to keep the friction brake under 20 but I increase it until The line tension is displayed (even if it is red) & make sure that is no more than 29 (28 was the highest at that time). I think the fish wasn't a big one but I don't know. My 100m line was not long enough. I didn't want to break rod and/or reel so I let the fish get out to the open water. I tried keep the rod upwards and reel back as much as I can but the fish was stronger and just pulled out and kept going. I run out of line, which was torn. Saved my reel and rod though. I am unsure if I have had a 300m line and the fish gets out to the open water then I could have hung around for 1-2 hours (in game hrs) and reeled it in when the fish is exhausted. Usually my experience is if I fight too long with a fish it will hook off and get away (as it happened before). So my question is how many kg pike I should be able to fish for with the above spinning setup? I think experienced Angeles would have no problem to get a 5-6kg pike with that rod/reel but I am afraid of braking my reel. Therefore trying not to get too big pikes by using bigger lures and hooks. (I was fishing in Old Burg and planning to improve here first before moving to Belaya) Should I use 300 m lines and let the fish swim around for few in game hrs? Is there any other technic what I can use to to keep the line tight but avoid the fish to get away? Finally, in regards with fishing technic, doesn't it matter what type of rod I am using? I mean if I have a 14kg feeder +7,5 kg reel max drag setup and try to get a 7 kg fish or 12kg spinner rod with 6,5kg max drag reel and try to land a 6kg fish?? Any advice much appreciated!
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