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Found 10 results

  1. Pizza4everyone


    how tf can I go down?
  2. sbiten from chiristmas event shop not giving tipsy exp at all. its in alcohol list, it used give us 5% base exp. Please look at it!
  3. Hello guys, Steps to reproduce: 1. Go to Tunguska 51:120 (maybe it works everywhere on tung) 2. Place one rod on a rock 3. Enter the inventory then return to the game 4. The rod placed on the rock is moved to another random rock I was able to reproduce it every time. It happens only if one rod is placed on a rock. Before: After:
  4. Hello, I have noticed a bug on a rod I bought, the Syberia Model One S98H Spinning Rod. The last 4 guidance rings (the bigger ones) are bugged and glitching in and out of the blank. See pictures attached. Could you please look into this? I like the way the rod looks but the glitching is a bit of a turn off, hopefully this doesn't affect the rod performance. I am using the steam client version. CPU Ryzen 5 1600 RAM 16GB 3000MHz GPU GTX 1660 Super OS Windows 10 x64 bit Thank you.
  5. There is multiple z-fightings all over small path on Kuori map. I added attachments to show where it is exactly.
  6. Hi guys! a have a big problem,after i hooked a fish (check with "r" shows auto adjust.) thats ok,but the fish is vanished from my rod.. no massage in the chat: fish got away.. :( im restarted the game,my pc, i bought new hooks,restart the internet router,check integrity in steam..and the problem is still here.. PLS someone help me.
  7. Hello everyone! I was in the boat in Mosquito Lake and I used my spinning rod. When its kinked I though i caught a big fish, but reel did not move anywhere. I tried to put down or move up the rod, but nothing, it was stuck. I spent maybe 15 minutes with this and then I changed the reel speed to 50 I tried to wind it but My reel has broken immediately. I couldn't do anything and my hook was still stuck. After this I moved forward with the boat and then my rod has broken as well. It was stuck in a rock or what? And if it was why the game did not tell me? I don't know if it's a bug or I did something wrong. rod: Express Fishing Dynamic reel: Express Fishing Libra Lure: Veikko 25g 009 Line: Simmons Momo original
  8. I have seen this happen two times already but it is the first time it has happened to me. Don't know if it is supposed to be possible but as you can see in the picture below the fish "broke trough" the barrier. No need in saying i got spooled and my friction bake got hammered to 27% on my ultra light rod as fish never stoppod even for a second after going trough the barrier. Dont know if it is a bug but wanted to point it out as a possible scenario for anyone fishing at ladoga.
  9. While fishing with a feeder and 2 float rods, my character froze behind the feeder as I was preparing to retrieve my last fish. He simply froze and refused to move or interact with anything in regards to picking up the rod, but I could reel the fish in and it worked! No idea how to escape or break freeze.
  10. I lost caught fish and lost my dry mix create what is this? and game take my silvers. Please what is this? Give back my silvers!!! this is not first time !!!!
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