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Found 1 result

  1. LadyofGames

    Report a Bug

    Make sure to read the list of known bugs below first to see if it's not already been reported. If you have any screenshots or taken a vid, please share the link with us. In the case of crashes, please send us your output_log.txt along with a short description to support@rf4game.com. -------------------------------- List of known bugs: ------------------------------------- Description tag shows on Old Burg map fixed patch 11-11-2017 Activity messages (ate/consumed/threw) have an extra capital fixed patch 11-11-2017 Rod labels 'hard' instead of 'heavy' fixed patch 11-11-2017 Garlic Dough states it requires Butter, but it needs Sunflower Oil fixed patch 11-11-2017 4K monitors not integrated fixed patch 11-11-2017 Intro video playing without sound fixed patch 11-11-2017 Loss of float on line breaking fixed patch 11-11-2017: you can still lose the float, but chances are reduced. Purple graphics glitches appearing in game. fixed patch 11-20-2017 Some images show different weight than the description does. fixed patch 11-20-2017 Sometimes gear can't be repaired due to a bug. fixed patch 01-02-2018 Repaired items 'freeze' on pick-up in the repair shop fixed patch 01-02-2018 Not letting the animation finish setting down or picking up rods/storing them in inventory can cause a freeze Lure/Line disappears after recovering from snag -> workaround for now: reel in all the line (takes a while), then swap lure, then swap to previous lure. Out of Bait message while there is still bait in inventory Various spots on Old Burg Lake cause player to get stuck Various spots on Lake Volkhov cause player to get stuck Greenerie 'moves' along with the player Mouse goes out of the game in windowed mode/Alt+Tab -> quick workaround for now, press and hold T for a moment. On Volkhov and Sura there are a few spots where a player on the boat falls off the map. Common Roach moves when rotating in 3D view Character sometimes 'squats/bends the knee' when reeling in fish At Kuori character may fall into the water and "teleport" to base Rod pole stands didn't get removed when the rod is stored. Can hear rain but I cant see it. Patch of weed in mid-air on Bear. Record catch float tackle, Record catch spinning tackle,Record catch feeder tackle. being reported incorrectly. line disappears randomly. Long casting bug Bells on feeder rods bugging out. Ingame resolution sometimes gets stuck cannot change. Scoop. Gamepads and other controllers cause character movement when plugged in. Players (Steam) get stuck on Kuori when spawning in; After restart of the game everything is working again. After yesterday (26-3-2019) the game does not save the language changes. I can switch between for example Polish to English, but every time I restart the game the language reverts to the def one.