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  1. Russian Fishing 4 Technical Issue Resolution Scope: Russian Fishing 4 is currently in open beta. This means the game is not considered complete at this time and not all features, optimizations, and bug fixes are resolved or implemented. When contacting support for assistance please be sure to review the minimum system requirements below, unsupported graphics adapters, and starting instructions. If your system is below the specification, or you are using one of the unsupported graphics adapters the support we will be able to offer will be limited. Also, please note we cannot perform the following actions: Restore discarded items. Give out free items. Provide refunds for items purchased in game. Provide detailed instructions on how to catch fish. Minimum System Specifications: Unsupported Graphics Adapters: Starting/General Instructions: Problems with Game Installation, Updates, or Instability after a patch: Character Moves Continuously: Cannot save settings, stuck even after restarting the game, or long store load times: Graphical Glitches in the Game or Crashes related to D3D11.DLL: Audio does not play: Fish do not register, disconnects, long load times, or other network instability: Change Client from Steam to Russian Fishing 4 Standard Client: Transfer Regions: IP is blocked for x minutes: You have been blocked from the game: You are receiving an ORE error: Contacting Support:
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