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  1. https://rf4spots.com/ An English version of popular hotspot websites like vk. No popups or ads. Just player driven hotspot sharing for the EN community. Feel free to create a user if you would like to share spots or just view as a guest. How it works Users can join lake spaces to post spots or be notified when someone else does. You can choose to join a few or all of them, depending on your personal preference. I provide a base posting template, in the Welcome Space, to copy and paste so we keep everything organized and uniform. Users are able to post their spots, upload images, comment and like posts, create a personal profile gallery with albums, create custom public or private spaces of their own, collaborate and build wikis for each space and more. Kelly and I do what we can to contribute, but it's really up to the community as a whole to help keep the spots updated and fresh. Plans for the site Build an interactive map system that will allow users to quickly find spots mentioned in posts. Include (incorporate or link to) other resources created by the community, as allowed with permission. Eg; kiltedjock's amazing mega sheet. Use data collected by the site (submitted spots, we collect nothing else) to help provide this forum with updated information for those who use it as their primary/only source and to help this forum and community grow. Project Members Myself and @Kelly S who is right there with me collecting data, finding spots and maintaining the website. A special thanks to all those who contribute now and in the future!
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