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  1. Bleak Recently there has been much comment and speculation regarding the changes made to the bleak as a bait fish. Specifically the weight of Bleak that can be used as bait has been set to a range of 50g -70g. In our desire to insure clarity for the players regarding this change, inquiries where made by the team to find out the reason for this change. The information we have received is as follows: RF4 is currently in beta and as a result it is undergoing a constant process of evaluation and balancing. Rebalancing is done based on statistical data gathered over a period of time. Once sufficient data is gathered balance changes are implemented in an effort to further the overall vision of the final game state. The vision of the game is for there to be a rate of progress for the players to insure longevity of game play. We wish to ensure that the player has something to strive for continuously and at a consistent rate of progress no matter what style of fishing they prefer. This rate of progress must be based in the time and effort the player makes and any mechanic that has the effect of abbreviating or lengthening the over all arc of progress for the players of a specic type of fishing tends to be altered in order to regain the over all vision. In the case of the weight of bleak used as bait it was affecting the over all arc of progression for that segment of players that depended heavily on that specific mechanic. Changes were made to bring that segment of game mechanic back in line with the mechanics depended upon by anglers of all types. Terminal Tackle Test Weight The June 2019 patch has included the refinement of the Terminal Tackle Test system of RF4. Each rod has a ‘Test’ recommendation which is the range of weight of the combined total ‘Terminal tackle’. Terminal tackle is everything that is added to a rod’s fishing line (sinkers, floats, leaders, hooks, bait, feeders etc.). All items that are added to the line have a weight and this total weight is added up to give the ‘Total Test’. If the Total Test is greater in weight than the recommended Test in the rod’s statistics, the rod is considered to be ‘Over Test’ and an indication of this is given to the player in the HUD. An Over Test rig will have issues with its behavior when casting and other actions as well as having an increased risk of breaking / structural failure. The early June 2019 patch refined the system as follows; sensitivity of the over weight reading has been made more accurate, thus Over Test rigs that in the past did not completely accurately register an indication in the player HUD now do so. They will now also behave accordingly when over test (Altered casting etc. No changes were made to rod dynamics only to the accuracy of the system) This change will be most apparent in some picker and Ultra light rigs. Some players aware of the ability to rig with high Over Test rigs used this as a means to use some rods in a manner that was not consistent with their intended methodology. This update has fixed this oversight and these rods now will properly register an Over Test rig and make the rod behave accordingly. How floats affect Terminal Tackle Test Weight Totals Float weight In all statistical information given about a float one will find a weight listed in grams. For instance the Silver Fish Total Cast 932-140 Waggler Float lists: Type: Waggler Weight 14g Glowing: Yes The 14 gram Weight listed is NOT THE WEIGHT OF THE FLOAT itself but is instead the AMOUNT OF WEIGHT THE FLOAT CAN SUPPORT. Currently the actual weight of the float itself is not listed in game. While it is expected that actual float mass will be added to information in future updates, currently player must experiment with different floats when rigging a rod. Floats will come in many different weights due to differences in construction material and float type. For instance with two floats of the same type, size and shape, one made of Styrofoam or plastic will weigh less than one made of wood or one that is weighted for casting distance. It is important to read the descriptions of floats when buying / choosing them as the descriptive text will tell you if a float series are ‘heavy’ floats. For instance in our example the description reads: “Total Cast is a series of WEIGHTED floats (wagglers)…: Further on in the description it says: “Their WEIGHT RANGE makes this series perfect for medium and long distance casting…” As one can see it clearly indicates that these floats are heavy and thus will add substantially to the over all weight total of the terminal tackle on the line (called Test in the rods statistics) It is hoped that Float Mass will be added to float descriptions in future updates.
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