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Found 2 results

  1. I think wear on all equipment is displayed wrong in the info tab. It only shows the wear on the main part and not in overall giving the angler a wrong idea of the state and actual capacity of his gear. Since the wear on every single part lowers the capacity or strength of gear, I believe it would be best to show the total wear %. As you can see in pictures below one of my rods would have 4.7% but in reality it has 22.2% and therefor it's down to about 30kg capacity and not 37kg! The same for reels! Below you can see my Tagara 6000 at 9.1% but in reality it has 23.9% wear! Losing not 1kg strength but 4.44kg!
  2. So when fighting this carp, it broke my reel mechanic, brake was 30.(900silver gone) I pulled carp on the shore and tried to land it with a landing net, which was reaching for fish but it just didn't worked out, cause of the stupid mechanic that means you have to reel all the line to the end to land a fish. After 5 minutes, fish got away and again I tried to land it with a net, of course it doesn't work idk why. And I tried to "catch this fish again" XD with other rod casted at the ground, the fish just disappeared
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