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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, as I am a RF4 streamer for a long time, also I am from Balkan where is (Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Albania, Romania, Slovenia, Greece) A lot of people (more then 100) ask me is there any chance to RF4 make Balkan Region, I am totaly 100% sure that there is more then 500+ players from Balkan and also they would like to RF4 add Balkan Region in the future,also I belive there are a lot of teams from Balkan who play RF4. In hope that topic get intresting for the developers in RF4 and all crew from RF4, I would like to hear your anwser in the future. Best Regards AlukarDTV (RF4 Streamer)
  2. I went back to play this game recently, and I found the russian region's language was locked(only russian), I contacted the chinese transfer customer service by email but he said the transfer to china was stopped, so how should I do??? I am on steam platform and the ID in the game is CrabBean. If any admins see this please help me.
  3. when i contact with US support they said contact with China support when i contact with China support they said contact with US support why?plase help me
  4. Hello ! When the transfers to Russian region will be opened again ? Because im waiting from more than month to change to Ru but every time getting the same answer . We are not transferring to RU at this time. Thank you !
  5. What i can do to sing in game?
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