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Mid Week Tournament: 13/1 - 14/1

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The tournament will take place in the following regions: PL, JP, EN, ES, US


Registration Start: Friday 01/08 12:00 EST / 01/08 18:00 CEST

Start: Wednesday 01/13 02:00 EST / 01/13 08:00 CET

End: Thursday 01/14 12:00 EST / 01/15 18:00 CET

What do you need to do:

The weight of each of the specified fish species is considered and the resulting difference to the desired weight in grams is evaluated.
The winner is determined by the smallest combined difference.

If several players ends up with the same results, the winner will be evaluated by the minimum weight difference of the first fish, which is written in the first condition.

If the first two conditions fail to produce a single winner, there is another condition. This is counted by the maximum number of fish that were caught during the tournament.


Read the guide "RF4 standalone/client forum tournaments." before participating:


How to transfer to standalone:


Suggestions / Questions for tournaments can be made here:




1st place: 2000 silver + 15 gold coins + 7 days premium

2nd place: 1500 silver + 12 gold coins + 7 days premium

3rd place: 1000 silver + 10 gold coins + 6 days premium

4th place: 500 silver + 8 gold coins + 5 days premium
5th place: 500 silver + 8 gold coins + 5 days premium
6th place: 5 days premium
7th place: 5 days premium
8th - 10th place: 3 days premium

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