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Belaya River - In search of big Grayling


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Belaya River - In search of big Grayling



This guide was written with the intent to show players how to catch the Grayling in Belaya River and to share some spinning techniques used in the game. Please remember that in our game fish might change spots and lures/baits. Those spots that I will show you might not work in the future and the same goes to the lures or baits I used. From my own experience as a player, I knew that Grayling likes to bite on small spinners so I decided to only focus on using Ultra Light spinning tackle to target Graylings.


Species Overview

The grayling (Thymallus thymallus) is a species of freshwater fish in the salmon family Salmonidae. It is the only species of the genus Thymallus (the graylings) native to Europe, where it is widespread from the United Kingdom and France to the Ural Mountains in Russia, but does not occur in the southern parts of the continent. The grayling grow to a maximum recorded length of 60 cm (24 in) and a maximum recorded weight of 6.7 kg (15 lb). Of typical Thymallus appearance, the grayling proper is distinguished from the similar Arctic grayling (T. arcticus arcticus) by the presence of 5–8 dorsal and 3–4 anal spines, which are absent in the other species; T. thymallus also has a smaller number of soft rays in these fins. The grayling prefers cold, clean, running riverine waters, but also occurs in lakes and, exceptionally, in brackish waters around the Baltic Sea. Omnivorous, the fish feeds on vegetable matter, as well as crustaceans, insects and spiders, molluscs, zooplankton, and smaller fishes.


Spots, gear

I spend around 7 hrs over 4 days trying 4 different spots on Belaya River map. I used 1 UL setup (spinning tackle) and a variety of small spinners and small wobblers.


My setup:






Lures I used to catch Grayling during 4 days of testing:


- Early morning (in the game) 4am - 8am:



1.thumb.png.c00334cec845e22f5e034405284f155b.png 1c.thumb.png.32e5cfd131563cdde54ceac8039c983e.png1e.thumb.png.9f7d80a7e1c0494108483e5a6de42e9f.png


- Daytime (in the game) 8am - 6 pm :





- Evenings and nights (in the game) 6pm - 4am:






Spots that I was fishing on :





No.1. 73.50



No.2 73.48



No.3 73.57 - The best spot for me for all 4 days.



No.4 72.39





Day 1:



Day 2:



Day 3:




Day 4:






  • The best time for me to catch Grayling was between in-game hrs 5am - 7pm and temperature 14 -17 C. Grayling was also bitting outside those hrs but bite rate was slower for me. Grayling will bite with sunny weather but also when is raining. 
  • The best spinning technique ( both wobblers and spinners) for me was: 
    • retrieval with speed 23-25 - Straight Retrieval
    • retrieval with speed up - 23 for 3-4 sec and speed up with SHIFT for 3 sec - Speed Up
    • Twitching with wobblers was also working for me but I preferred to use retrieval.
  • Grayling is awesome fish to target, you can also catch other nice species when trying for Grayling- Chub, Brown Trout, Ide and Taimen.
  • Use light and shiny spinners and wobblers during the day and darker colours during the evening and night. Looks like Grayling on Belaya River also likes red shiny lures during a day.
  • You can catch grayling in the open water but also around huge stones - close to the top of the water.


Good luck and have fun guys. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask here on the forum ( not in game please). Thanks 

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2 hours ago, JuanPirus said:

Hi Levo,


Did you change the hooks to the same size as the original or different size?

Hi JuanPirus

No, I kept the original sizes of the hooks.



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I used this guide in combination with the Brown trout guide to go from 16-20.

I was blessed by some super helpful streamers and players who gifted me a decent spin rod and reel.


I have a couple of points I would like to put out there. 


  • Weather matters a bit. cloudy and or rain can actually make the lure you are using ineffective. If it is day time and it is cloudy switch to either your night lure or what I found best the akilla 006 rather then the 007. My largest trophy greyling came from the 006 during cloudy conditions.
  • do not change the hooks to feathers. While this works great for trout it has a nasty side effect of increasing the strikability of other species. So you get more chub, and perch.
  • The listed best spot is a great location, however, if you keep turning to the left you will see a medium rock on the shoreline from the large rock in the water. between these points is what I like to call predators pass. This area has a tendency to pop nicely with 1kg or more greyling including a 3.9kg trophy.
  • Stock up on nightcrawlers bring 2x feeder setups. If you drop the lines downstream of the rocks your using as your guide point, or to the left of them, with nightcrawlers you are very likely to pull mussels and crayfish. Crayfish is the big draw as they have a great weight to silver production. 149g is about 10 silver and a 200+ trophy can be over 30silver. You will also catch some bream this way as well which helps for cafe orders
  • Rotate spots. You can easily deplete an area so while you may get like 30 fish in a 24 hr period at one location day 2 will be less and by day three it may be exhausted. If you are following the brown trout guide as well I would suggest from 5am to 3pm and 4pm to 4am fishing for brown trout at another location the other side of the island. Basically north and south depending on the time conditions.
  • Lure wise try to get the following lures. akilla 4,6,7,8 and the 2 dragonfly bell lures. One silver one black. 4,6,8 you can use feather hooks on but everything else should be normal. This proved to be very efficient in xp/silver grinds using a rotational/ swapping targets approach. Other lures were found to be less effective.
  • For both sides, I found a retrieval speed of 23 was good. This worked well for straight retrieval as well as using speedups from time to time.
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3 hours ago, undertkerbr said:

Dont work in 20/08/2020, plz update the tips, I'm not able to upgrade from 15, so I'm catching fish from 15-35 xp, thanks!

Hello - as always fish preferences change. These are guides to help players get started. They are not meant to be an exhaustive guide. In order to be successful in this game you need to share information with your fellow anglers, and be willing to explore, experiment and learn. That being said I was fishing just yesterday at spots 1, 2, and 3 using akilas and other spinners and regularly catching graylings 1kg plus. You may need to adjust the colors, but the spinners Levo shows are still effective. You could also change your retrieve. I use a speedup with a 25 speed and stop reeling at the end of the speed up and let the lure drift for about 4 seconds before repeating the process.

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