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Water Body Weekly Possible For Each Map?

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Hi Everyone, I have notice through the thousands of hours fishing on the water bodies, there are the "Absolute Records" & "Global/Regions" all species weekly. Can it be possible to put a separate water body weekly under the absolute? So only the fish species considered for that map? Who catches what on which x5 row? Certainly the sizes do matter. I noticed in the different fishing categories when there isn't a specie caught highlighted with black bar. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but it appears that in all the different maps the same specie of fish bite on different various lures/baits/etc. Am I clear in understanding that there is a silver reward only for 1st place in Global Records? There is no reward in 1st place Regional Records? If it is possible to put weekly map info, maybe a little 50 silver reward to the 1st position fish catchers of the waterbody? I look forward to all your replies 🙂 

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