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Kuori Lake - In Search of Sevan Trout

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Kuori Lake - Sevan Trout Tracking



In this guide we explore the crystal clear waters of Kuori Lake in search of the elusive Sevan Trout. Trolling and spinning tactics were used in the creation of this guide. Three locations were methodically fished using four different types of lures in order to learn about the preferences of the Sevan Trout on Lake Kuori. Due to the low frequency of Sevan Trout catches compared to other species in Kuori Lake, some insights into other species will be provided as well. Kuori Lake is one of the best spinning destinations in Russian Fishing 4, and the data will clearly prove that there are indeed fish in Kuori.


Species Information:

Images of the Sevan Trout (Salmo ischchan)


In Game Sevan



Real Life Sevan


The Sevan Trout (Salmo ischchan) is endemic to Lake Sevan located in Armenia. It is now endangered in that lake due to habitat loss from water levels receding. It has been sucessfully transplated in  Issyk Kul in  Kyrgyzstan. In real life they feed on benthic organisms especially species of amphipods. There are four sub species that have been identified.

  • winter bakhtak (Salmo ischchan ischchan)
  • summer bakhtak (Salmo ischchan aestivalis)
  • gegharkuni (Salmo ischchan gegarkuni)
  • bojak (Salmo ischchan danilewskii)

Phylogenetic studies have shown the fish is closely related to the Caspian Trout placing it within the brown trout complex. In real life the maximum published weight is 17kg.


In game the Sevan Trout has adapted to the conditions in Kuori Lake and feeds in the upper water column. As we explore the data more details will be shared on their preferences in game.


Data Collection:

Data collection occurred over a period of twenty-eight hours. Twenty-four hours were spent testing Spinners, Spoons, Wobblers, and Topwaters at three different locations, using two different color patterns for each lure. Each lure/color combo was fished for one in game day at each location. An additional four hours was spent trolling. Each type of lure was fished for one hour with one of each color pattern being trolled. This allowed me to collect data much faster than spin fishing at a fixed location. In all, 698 catches were recorded which comes out to an average of 25 fish per hour. For our first look at the data let's take a look at the lures used, the overall catch rates, and then break them down by lure type.








The first thing that jumps out is the bite rate. Sevan Trout are indeed elusive. There is a 2% bite rate while spinning, but surprisingly a higher bite rate while trolling at 5%. While spinning Sevan trout show equal preference for wobblers, spinners, and topwaters while not enjoying spoons as much. The reason for this is that spoons were jig stepped as well as fished near the surface. While jig stepping, not a single Sevan was caught. While trolling, Sevan show a preference for topwaters and spinners. Now, let's take a look at the color preferences.





As can be seen, the Sevan display an affinity for colors in the Blue/Grey/Purple category. This is especially pronounced on spinning. On trolling, it is not as pronounced. I have included the other caught species for your reference. This may come in useful for my fellow anglers when considering colors for different species. Next, we'll take a look at time of day preferences.





The first chart is for all species. The second focuses on Sevan. Sevan bite best in the Evening hours between six and midnight. But what weather do they prefer? Weather was a little tricky as I had to normalize the catches per hour based on the weather conditions. It should also be taken with a grain of salt, as some weather conditions are not represented very well. It's seems to be Sunny on Kuori lately.








The data feeding these tables was collected from the spinning data only. The top table is the in game hour estimate for hours of each weather condition. The table below that is the catches by species and weather condition. The table to the right is the preference in percentage for each weather condition by species. The chart below is a temperature chart for the some of the more popular species. What we can see is that there is a lot of clear days on Kuori lately. Also, it appears that Sevan might like heavy rain and thunderstorms. Sadly, there is not enough sample for me to say this conclusively, but if it starts storming don't put the rods away, they will bite. Then you can see some temps where there are no bites, and some where they bite well. This is due to the time of day as well. Lets finish off our investigation by looking at lures and colors.





From this table, which is based on all collected data, we can see that Blue/Grey/Purple spinners, topwaters, and wobblers are the way to go. So the assertions we can reliably make:

  • Sevan prefer the evening hours on clear days. That being said, they may show an affinity for extreme weather as well.
  • Sevan like temps in the 10 to 12 degree range, but time of day plays a big part.
  • Sevan prefer lures in the blue/grey/purple patterns.
  • Sevan prefer Spinners, Topwaters, and Wobblers.
  • Sevan are elusive, you will need to put time in to catch them.

Now, where might we find them?


In Game Location Preferences:

Three locations were tested, and trolling was also performed. Let's start with the trolling - I generated a scatter chart using the data collected. This shows some interesting concentrations of fish, especially for the Sevan. The Sevan are the bright green dots.





Now before I show the fixed locations, let's look at a table showing the %of total catches broken out by location.





As can be seen, they are about equal for Sevan. But based on the trolling map above, there is a line of Sevan a little east of 117:111, so setting up a little more south and east of there might be better for Sevan.

And now the map of the fixed locations.





Rigs and Setups:

There are numerous rigs that can be used successfully on Kuori. For the purposes of testing, I settled on the Medium Light Spinning rig below. For practical purposes, the angler will want a rod with a minimum of 15kg capacity, and a Sabre 60 reel or better. With the rig I was using, it gave the ability to handle the lures I wanted to throw with a good casting distance. The reel and rod also handled the fish well, making even bringing in a 13kg Kuori Char easy.

Sample Setups:






After reviewing the data, I went to 105:100 in search of the Sevan Trout based on the results of my data collection. This location was selected as it was near the line of Sevan catches from the trolling map, and between some fixed testing spots that had yielded Sevan Trout. It took me a few minutes to figure out where the Sevan were, but using (Custom Popper Name Here) I was able to bag six Sevan in an hour. 6 out of 21 fish were Sevan making for a 29% catch rate, a huge improvement to the rates during testing and searching. Five of those fish were caught between the hours of 1800 and midnight. The popper was chosen because of color, and the success I had with topwaters.






The Sevan trout is elusive, but with some trolling and some mapping they can be localized. Once localized using the proper lure will also improve the catch rate. It is a fish that requires a little work, but if you want to track and hunt them down it can be done with a little testing. Do you need to put 28 hours in like I did? No, but you should be prepared to troll around for 4 or 5 hours with some carefully selected lures, and make notes on where your caught them. Armed with that knowledge, you should be able find a fixed location and really begin catching them.


Until Next Time: Tight Lines!

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