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Kuori Lake is Hot!!!


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I have been trolling around at kuori lake, trying to gain some xp and make a little silver along the way.  It turns out that Kuori lake is super active.

Top Tested Lures: Dodger ss004 (9 gram), Kiruuna hunter 001, 002, and 003 (26g) Snatcher s005 and s003 (Lake trout and sevan trout only)

Tactic: Trolling over 15m hole repeatedly

Silver per hour average:  190s per hour

Leader: 10kg fluorocarbon (store bought)

Bite off total (2 times)

Total time tested: (12 rl hours)

Notable catches: 9.1kg arctic, 9.9kg arctic, 8.1kg sevan, 9.1kg lake trout

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agree i love kuori but can be dangerous - i had some monster bites the broke my hooks O_o

sometimes i thing nessi lifes within this lake. 😉

have days where i can make 400 silver in 2 hours realtime.

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