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Patch notes March 27th

- Shop items such as baits, materials, foods and drinks can now be bought in quantity

- To prevent the accidental purchase of one product several times in a row, a block on buying a specific item is in place until the previous purchase has been confirmed.

- The return of unused items to the store has been increased to 48 real life hours after the moment of purchase.

- Ready-to-use (beginner) sets have been added to the shop. The sets include sets of lures, sets of baits, and sets of rods with reels.

- Rods from the manufactures Blade and Segun are added to the stores.

- Implemented: the ability to view the rod handle in the backpack and the stores.

- The bait harvesting algorithm has been changed and the probability of simultaneously harvesting several types of bait has been implemented. More bait can be harvested per one attempt, however the energy costs for harvesting has been increased as well.

- Selecting a ticket when boarding a boat as well as choosing a ticket when extending the boat rental period has been implemented.

- Implemented the visual effect of being ‘Intoxicated’ after excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages.

- The display of rods and reels that have been sent of for repair has been added to the backpack. Additional parameters are shown on the item such as the name of the water body at which the repair is taking place as well as the remaining repair time.

- The option ‘Rod Indicator’ has been added to the game settings with a choice of three options: Hide, Show, Show for 3 Seconds.

- The delayed display of player names in competitions and in chat has been reduced.

- For a more accurate display of color shades, a transition was made to Linear HDR Rendering.

- The game has transitioned to the latest version of the game engine Unity3D.

- The game launcher includes the ‘News’ section and the ability to pause the download of the update.

- Fixed: the ‘Disassemble’ button was not available for broken rods.

- Fixed: with the rod in hands it was not possible to replace the reel.

- Fixed: in some cases the EF TwinBells FA bite alarms behaved unnaturally.

- Fixed: in the case of using a rod that had a skill bonus which would unlock a new skill, the reel could not be added onto the rod.

- Fixed: in some cases after a fish attack broke off, the bait disappeared from the setup.

- Fixed: in competition chat, the chat of blacklisted players was still shown.

- Removed the upper weight limit for cafe orders.

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