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-          Seasonal fairs are opened.

-          Seasonal fairs are offering tackle from new manufacturers “Pomor” and “Chernomorets” (floats, lures, feeders, rods and reels).

-          Added. TL (telescopic rods) records table is implemented.

-          Changed. Amount of points for UL records have been changed.

-          The images of medals for the first places in the UL weekly record table have been updated.

-          A new type of boat has been introduced into the game - the high-speed rubber boat Kostroma.

-          Implemented. Speed of character movement depends on the power of the line tension.

-          Addition fish market has been introduced to Akhtuba river. Located down the river.

-          Fish Mid-size weight at Belaya river has been increased.

-          Exp points for Kessler's Herring has been lowered.

-          Kessler's Herring price has been lowered by 10%.

-          Pike price has been increased by 25%.

-          New fight behavior patterns are introduced to species such as Taimen, Beluga, and all sturgeons.

-          Fixed. Sometimes crafted leaders didn’t stack.



Last update description was inaccurate about the reference to the fish getting off the hook chance.

The chance of the fish getting off the hook goes down to 0 only when the tension of the line is always on. If a player lets the tension of the line go to slack, the chance that the fish gets off the line increases to its original value.


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