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Patch Notes:


- Implemented: An alternative experimental communication protocol with the Game Server (UDP). We recommend switching to this communication protocol for players who experience a lot of connectivity issues with the game server. The protocol is selected in the game settings under the "Network" tab. After changing the protocol, please restart the game.
- When the network connection with the server is broken, and the player has landed the fish prior to the disconnect, it will automatically go into the keepnet.

- The probability of losing a fish after a long drill, has been reduced to zero..
- Kuori Lake has been reworked, improving the activity of fish specifically for spin fishing. Fish at Kuori lake may change their habitat and/or bait priorities.
- For Lake Trout, the trophy weight, the average catch weight and its sell price were increased.
- For Arctic Char, the trophy weight, the average catch weight and the population were increased, the sell price was reduced.
- For Blue Bream, the trophy weight has been increased.
- For Sevan Trout, the sell price has been increased.
- For Kessler's Herring, the sell price has been reduced.
- If a player is put at the Penalty Pond, the keepnet is no longer emptied. However, only the fish caught at the Penalty Pond count towards the assigned penalty weight.
- Added Korean translation.

- Increased likelihood of harvesting bait with a shovel.
- Fixed. When moving to the spawning point of the water body after the character falls into the water, the fish that was on the line at this moment was counted as caught and placed in the keepnet.


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