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Patch notes update December 5

- On Belaya River additional work was carried out to increase the activity of fish.
- Improved physical model of Lamprey.
- On Akhtuba River the character movement algorithm along the water edge has been improved.
- Increased boat maneuverability.
- Returned the "Throw Away" button on the screen with the detailed information about the fish in the keepnet.
- Fixed models of casting rods manufacturer Zeiman.
- Fixed. The Trident Admiral 8000s coil rotor did not rotate.
- Fixed. On Akhtuba River and Volkhov River on the water surface did not display the splash animation when groundbait was thrown inl.

- Fixed. On Belaya River the locations “North Island” and “Southern Cape” were not available.
- Fixed. In the public profile of the player lists of trophies were incorrectly displayed.
- Fixed. In the trophy rank of the player, the type of fish was that taken out of the game is no longer displayed.
- Fixed. When the organizer removed a player from the list of participants in a team competition, the readiness flag of each of the remaining participants was not reset.
- Work was carried out on the introduction of diagnostic tools to identify the reasons for the increase in the number of disconnections from the server and timeouts when executing queries.
- After restarting the server, the fish can change their habitat.

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