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- A new water body has been added to the game - Akhtuba River. The water body is available for players level 28 and up.

- 20 new fish species have been added to the game – they inhabit Akhtuba River.

- Lake Ladoga is now accessible to players who have reached level 26.
- The access level to some gear has been lowered

- The fish activity on Belaya River has been increased.

- For each of the water bodies, a display of a tackle ratings has been implemented.

- Species ‘Silver Bream’ has been removed from the game.

- New rods from the manufacturer Kama have been added to the stores.

- New rods from the manufacturer Zeiman have been added to the stores.

- Baits from the new manufacturer Atomic have been added to the stores.

- Manufacturers Volkoff and Kiruuna have expanded their lures range.

- Some spinning reels from Zeiman and Trident are changed. In place of the discontinued models, new spinning reels have been released with improved features.

- The crafting of handmade lures has been expanded. New recipes are added for crafting deep-diving lures.

- In the grocery stores the section "Medicines" has been added.

- The price of some rods has been adjusted.

- The maximum test of some match rods has been increased to 250 grams.

- The trophy weight of the following fish have been increased: Ide, Salmon, Catfish, Asp.

- The market price of the following fish have been increased: Salmon, Grayling, Brown Trout, Asp, Catfish, Taimen, Chinese Sleeper, Bleak, Dace, Kuori Char.

- For some fish species the bait effectiveness has been reconfigured.
- All new items in stores are now marked with a special icon.

- Added recipe “Marshmallow on a stick”.

- Added recipe “Lamprey baitfish”.

- Added the crafting of leaders. For this purpose, the necessary tools and consumables are available on the market.

- Implemented display components of the leader.

- A new type of competition has been added – team vs team

- In addition to displaying the player’s level next to his game name, a display of his trophy rating (the number of fish species among the trophies caught) and PvP rank has been added.

- The display of the statistics of caught fish has been added to the public profile of the player (section “Catch”).

- The display of captured trophies in each of the water bodies has been implemented (section “Trophies”). In the case where the player has caught all the trophies of one water body, they are given a memorable award.

- To improve the convenience of finding the right gear, the stacking ability has been added to the game.

- Improved physical model of boats.

- Implemented the function “Push Off” for stranded or stuck boats.

- In the game settings, the New Message sound control button has been added.

- Fixed. In some cases, when a fish came off the hook while fishing with live bait, the live bait was lost.
- Fixed. Errors in localization for English, Spanish, Polish and Dutch were adjusted.
- To implement the above changes, the game world has been reset. Due to this, the fish may change its preferences for baits / lures and habitats.

Attention! Gold and premium discounts are valid until 4AM EST 12/03/2018.       

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