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Boosters - faster way to gain XP & silver

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Well hello there. My idea is quite simple. I'll break it down into sections so its easier to understand.

Please note that time, cost and gains are experimental and should not be considered as fixed as I've said it. I've just put it out as I've seen it in other games

What are boosters?

Boosters are a short term items that provide some sort of boost in the game, such as increased silver or experience gain.


Time limits of boosters

Boosters are broke down into multiple time categories. 

  • 1 hour 
  • 2 hours 
  • 6 hour 
  • 12 hour 
  • 24 hour


Booster types

Now the meaning of "XP" could be either universal or it could be broken into more pieces. I'd prefer universal.

By universal I mean that ALL XP gains (fishing, harvesting, making baits...) would be increased by X percent

  • XP gain 
    • 50%
    • 100%
    • 200%
  • Silver gain
    • 50%
    • 100%
    • 200%
  • Universal (XP + silver gain)
    • 50%
    • 100%
    • 200%


How do we get boosters?

Boosters can be purchased with in game silver and maybe even silver. Considering if they could be purchased with silver, their price should be quite big.

NOTE: Purchasing with silver would be only possible for XP boosters maybe, reason behind this is that it would allow players that are unable or not willing to spend real money some chance to have the same benefits if they are willing to put in the silver. Having this system (to purchase silver XP booster for silver in game) for silver gain would be kinda abusive therefore I am personally against it. XP is something Im okay with


What are the benefits of boosters?

  • As previously stated people would have to purchase them meaning that RF would gain more money from this.
  • They are not breaking the game itself as they are like short-time enhanced premium time.
  • They allow players like myself (that cannot play this game too much) to still advance at a good rate



How should it work?

  1. You could use the shop to purchase 200% XP booster for 2 hours. The price of the booster would be for example 2gold.
  2. Once you purchase it, the booster would be in your inventory and it will stay there until you use it (read bellow "note" why they shouldnt be auto-activated on purchase)
    They shouldnt be auto-activated upon purchase, reason behind this is that we can simply for example buy them at bulk, discounts, rewards etc. etc. Im basing this on my personal experience as I was buying World of Tanks boosters when my paycheck landed
  3. Once you activate the booster, for the next 2 hours you would have 200% gain in experience. 



Well obviously the pricing would depend on their duration + benefits. 2h 50% XP booster and 2h 200% XP booster would be significantly different as pricing goes. 
For example:

  • 2hour 50% XP booster would cost 1gold
  • 2hour 200% XP booster would cost 2 gold
  • 2hour 200% universal (XP+Silver) booster would land at 3.5 gold


Proof of concept 
World Of Tanks have been using this system for a quite some time, it turned out amazing. (link: https://na.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wotb/article/19025/ )
Well look at this, many people cannot dedicate too much time to play games, therefore when weekend comes or they get some time off from IRL stuff, they are able to get a booster, jump into the game and get back on track as it comes to XP and Silver. Im basing this on my personal experience. Id rather pay up for a 6 hour booster on the weekend than buy premium. Why? Well basically I cant put in hours during weekdays to play, I can only put in the time during the weekends.


Premium + boosters?

Premium & boosters would NOT stack. Meaning that if you have premium that brings 50% XP gain and you buy 200% XP booster for 6 hours. For next 6 hours you would have 200% only active.
Also you could have only 1 type activate at the time. You could activate silver + xp but you couldnt activate 2x 200% XP booster. 

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