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Denis RF4

Rules and Information about Forum Team Tournaments

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Dear Community,
The big forum team tournaments are starting!

Here are some insights on how these tournaments will work and how to win:


A team tournament usually takes place over the course of one week. In special cases it might have a different duration which will be announced in the tournament conditions.



Teams of three to five members each (including the captain) compete against each other. Each team is led and organized by the captain.

You can choose substitutes, but before each tournament the captain has to register five players competing in the tournament. Only these five players enter the rating.


Each participant must be registered on the forums. The forum name must match the ingame name.

Tasks of the captain:
The captain must organize his team both in terms of time and content.
When do the members have time and which strategy do we use in the tournament?
Who has his strengths in which area?
This organization is completely up to you.
Further tasks:

- The captain registers the team for the tournament with team name and member names.

- The names must be entered correctly.

- The captain records the best results (with the member name that had the best score) of all team members and sends the final result to tournament@rf4game.com



The prizes will be announced in the respective tournament description.


For organizational reasons, only standalone players of the English language version can participate in the forum tournaments.

If you are interested in a transfer, you will find the instructions here:

Are there any questions left?
Do not hesitate to ask us here.

Tight lines

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