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Spring Fling Day 3


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Spring Fling Day 3

Greetings Anglers!


Each day of the Spring Fling event we will post a new clue. The goal is to figure out the target and catch it before anyone else! You will win the specified prize. Rules will be found below along with details on the prize. Here is today's clue:

A good one of Me

And you'll Feel like an Ace

If you Float in the Current

And add a D

Then you're in the right place

RF4 Team



  1. Must be on the standalone client.
  2. Must be caught after the post unlocks at March 31st 2021 8:00 AM EST / 2:00 PM CEST
  3. For this the fish must be greater than or equal to the target weight and caught at the correct venue.
  4. All that must be posted is the image of the fish with the weight. First person to post the target fish with the goal weight wins.


Razor Ultra 700


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