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Forum Tournament "Tinca Bell"

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Results evaluation:

The heaviest Tench and golden Tench caught within the timeframe are evaluated. The golden tench gets a multiplier of 2. Example = Tench 4kg + golden Tench 3 kg (x2 = 6kg ) Combined = 10kg result


Water Bodies : Old Burg and Bear Lake only. 



The highest multiplied weight for both species wins the tournament. In case two players catch a fish of the same weight, the player who caught the fish earlier wins.


Submission of results:

The results are submitted to tournament@rf4game.com including ingame name and the weight of the fish in text form.

Wrong player names, wrong results or different data formats (.rar, .zip) will not be evaluated.



The results must be submitted until Oct. 09.2019, 6 PM CEST, 12 PM EST. Results submitted after this deadline will not be evaluated.




Registration for the tournament can be submitted on the forums exclusively by standalone players who are registered on the EN forums.




1st Place:

7500 Silver

20 Gold

10 Days Premium


2nd Place:

5000 Silver

15 Gold

8 Days Premium


3rd Place:

3500 Silver

10 Gold

7 Days Premium

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