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Percentages, skills, bonuses and how it all works together

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Dear Fellow Anglers,

This post is to answer questions about and clarify the differences between skill bonuses and ability bonuses that occur on much of the gear in the game.

Basically, we differentiate between bonuses on skills (the main areas, such as Bottom Fishing, Bait Harvesting etc, everything that is calculated with %) and abilities (the specializations within the skills such as Fishing with Feeder Rod, Using Paternoster, Worms in Bait Harvesting, etc.)





In the fishing shop, there are several pieces of equipment that give bonuses, such as on abilities:




on skills:




and on experience:






The following rules apply:


1. Bonuses are only active when fishing with the rod. If the rod is just in your inventory, bonuses are not applied

2. Each rod stands by itself.


    You have already scored 3 points in Using Bolognese Rig and are fishing with 3 Rods with +1 bonus each on Bolognese Rig, 

    You have the skill 4 (3+ 1) on each rod.


3. On abilities, it is possible to increase skills beyond the skill tree.

    You have already leveled the skill "Using Bolognese Rig" with 3 points and your current rod gives you another +1 bonus, it counts as +4.

4. Skill bonuses allow you to fish at a higher percentage skill level. 
     I have an ability value of 81% in Bottom Fishing, but would like to fish with Method Feeder.
     Fortunately, I have a + 10% rod for Bottom Fishing, so I can fish with Method using with this rod.

5.  Bonuses on abilities that bring the value above 100% will stack.  For example, a 10% bonus on top of 100% would achieve a skill of 110%.

6.  Experience bonuses apply to the fish caught using this rod. 

     If you fish with an Ultralight rod with + 100% xp and use either feeder or float rod, only fish that got caught with the Ultralight will get the bonus.

Greetings and Happy Fishing
Your RF4 team

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