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Longnose Sucker


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Catostomus catostomus inhabits the Siberian rivers and the brackish bays of the Arctic Ocean. It has an elongated, spindle-shaped body. Its back is dark and its sides are silvery, while the belly is almost white. As the fish grows older, it forms a characteristic hump. Float and some spinning rigs are successfully used for catching the longnose sucker.

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Hi all!


Here is my first approach of the fishing of this specie.

I will develop only float fishing, and especially with the bolognese rig.

This is not really a guide, it's more an experimentation report to give you, players, an idea of what to do.

In addition, the used setups were based on my tests, so don't hesitate to propose better setups more adapted to this specie!


As it's mentioned in the fish's description, this specie is mainly targeted with float and spinning rigs. The only exemplars that I caught on bottom rigs have bitten on lamprey baitfish. Not even on feeder rig (maybe one exemplar on hours of fishing with nightcrawlers). They seem to like lampreys, but the bite rate is very low (like maximum 2 or 3 fishes per day).

And it would be a pity to target such a small fish with this bait (you'll get probably many unintented catches from salmonidaes 😄).


  • I began with the match rig, but it's clearly not adapted for this kind of river with strong current. I experienced a lot of missed bites, it wasn't easy to perform good strikes with match rods.
  • Bolognese rods seemed better to me, as they are longer and can offer a better lever arm for strikes in strong current and at quite high distance.
  • I won't talk about telesticks, too stressing and too much work on this waterbody 😄.


Here is an example of setup :




  • As you can see, I'm using quite strong leaders for a 1-2kg fish. It depends of the spot. For example, the spot I will present has a good population of coho salmons, and amazingly they bite not so bad on the baits intended for the longnose suckers. Some of them are very nice, over 4kg+, and fight very well. There are also some chum salmons.
  • At a "less problematic" spot, populated with smaller fishes (I will present the spot aswell, but it seems to be inactive for the moment), you could use a lighter setup of course (maybe a little better bite rate). A leader of 3.6kg or 4.4kg is enough for a good specimen of longnose sucker. Consider it as a strong roach 😉.


The baits: I tried a bit of everything, and for the moment the nightcrawler and the gammarus (gammarus gives the best bite rate) are working the best. You can use them separately or in a sandwich.

Nightcrawlers seem also to interest nice coho salmons.

Caddisfly gives results too, but the average weight of the fishes seems to be inferior with it and smelts love them very much.


The spot:

Coords: 98.157 D5

Clip and direction: 25/30m and cast upstream, the float must land like 15m from the ridge, and you let it drift downstream.

Fishing at a longer distance from the ridge works too; I've tried to fish at 30/35m from the ridge (with a bigger clip of 45/50m), but reeling in so much line each time you need to recast is a loss of time.

Depth for the float: 1m70-1m80




  • Float fishing in a strong current like this requires much attention, to not lose the sight of your floats that can be quite far from each other.
  • You'll have also to zoom in with the binoculars to see better the bites (at least longnose sucker's bite isn't subtle, you'll see your float sink quite quickly😉).
  • You can also use the little zooming window to follow easily one of the floats.


It's a quite funny method for those who like active float fishing 😉.













The other spot seems to be inactive now, but has to be remembered for next migrations, you could give a try later:
Coords: 271.157 J5

Clip: 30-35m, you perform a cast in the same direction as the stream, cast really near the ridge (around 2m from it) and you let the float drift with the bail opened till the clip is hit. You can get longnose sucker's bites all along the trajectory of the bait (at 30-35m too).

Depth for the float: 3m-3m50




Setup used when it was active (I advise you to use bigger hooks, because the place is overcrowded with asian smelts that bite continuously on gammarus and caddisfly. It will help to filter fishes a bit. Here, use preferably nightcrawlers.):




Results at this period:






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Hi all!


Here is a small update about my experiments.


The weather: It seems that the longnose sucker is much more active in cloudy/rainy weather. The bite rate during sunny/hot weather decreases clearly.


The period of the day: the activity is more important during the morning and evening. The average size of the fishes seems to be higher aswell during those periods. There are regular bites during daytime too, but from smaller fishes. By night, bites of the longnose sucker become less numerous.


I've found an other active spot that is quite promising.

There are some other fishes like the dolly varden, the whitespotted char (and some small sized coho salmon), even some rare levanidov chars.


Coords: 108.129 D6

Clip and direction: 20m, casting upstream to south, then letting the float drift with the current.

Depth for the float: 1,50-1,60m












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Hi all!


A little update about spots and baits.

98.157 seems to be not active anymore.

108.129 still active.


Baits: the mayfly works quite nice too now.

So you can try those sandwich baits:

  • mayfly + nighcrawler
  • mayfly + gammarus
  • mayfly + caddisfly
  • gammarus + nightcrawler
  • gammarus + caddisfly
  • nightcrawler + caddisfly


New active spot: 138.196 E4

Clip: 25m, casting upstream

Depth for float: 2m-2,25m





Fishes and nets (sessions of about 45min-1h15)















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