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[Level 32+] Yama River


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The Yama river originates on the spurs of the Olskoye plateau and flows into the Sea of Okhotsk. It is believed that its name derives from the Koryak "v'ayam", which means "river". The water body is characterized by a large variety of fish, especially large grayling are found here. Many species of fish enter the river for spawning, among which are Dolly Varden, whitespotted char, chum salmon and coho salmon.

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didn't know were to post this so i post on Yama since it's yama related. YES! THE BEAR WILL ATTACK YOU!! 🙂  pictures . I died and got alive at spawn point . Damn you moma bear 🙂





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39 minutes ago, nippertam said:

Bit confused here?,  how can you land a 31Kg Chinook Salmon in 15 minutes, and then take an hour and a half hours to land a 24Kg Chinook, raised expectations a bit!, otherwise a great game.


All fish and therefore fish fights are unique.

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Your post is telling us that all spots on yama are activated... how is possible to have that low biterate , or catch only fishes without doorknob ,,,approx 20 fishes in happyhour or 100 in 6-7 hrs gameplay ,,, even if i have premium rod and skilled spinning mouts? This game was before much better

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