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Team Tournament - 'The Moneymakers' 08/19 - 08/21

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Dear fishing friends, it is time for our next team tournament!


The registration for the tournament takes place exclusively in the forum and only for standalone players of EN/US/JP and Other regions

Players/teams who were not registered in this topic will not be considered in the evaluation.

Registration for this tournament takes place here, please have the captain enter team and member names.

Teams can have from 3 to 5 members including the captain.



You must register for the tournament in this topic.
Teams can have from 3 to 5 players per team. Which should be the captain and 2 to 4 members. You need to reply to this topic following the example in order to signup:

Team Name: Fishnets

Team captain: GabrijelThe3rd

Team members: 

  • Levo
  • Joe316
  • Crucian
  • Elwoodiath



  1. Each team must submit the biggest 3 fish (1 of each species) and only 1 fish per player submitted.
  2. Fish to be caught: Beloribitsa Whitefish, Wild Carp, Eastern Bream
  3. In the event of a tie:
    1. First Tiebreaker: Biggest Eastern Bream
    2. Second Tiebreaker: Combined weight
    3. Third Tiebreaker: Biggest fish
  4. The fish can come from any waterbody that contains this species.
  5. The captain must record the best 3 results of his team (player name + fish + weight) and send the results to tournament@rf4game.com. Each player can only submit 1 fish of a single species and only a max of 3 player names are allowed to be submitted. Each player name submitted must have a unique species. No duplicates.


You can't combine fish from different players, you have to choose 3 players!



  • The tournament will only take place with at least 5 team registrations.



Registration takes place from Thursday 08/12 until Thursday 08/19 at 10:30 EST - 16:30 CET

The tournament starts Thursday 08/19 at 11:00 EST - 17:00 CET and ends at Saturday 08/21 11:00 EST - 17:00 CET.



The results must be sent until 08/23/2021 by 13:00 EST / 19:00 CET. The catches in that post must have occurred before the end of the tournament. Results that are sent after that date and time won't be considered. Results that are malformed, or contain bad data may be invalidated. Take your time and ensure accuracy. We validate the results based on your reports, if we cannot find the fish when validating it can result in a reduction of the score of even a complete dismissal of the results.

Results from team tournament will be announced within 7 days after the results cutoff and will be posted here!



1st place: 20 gold, 4000 silver, 10 days premium per team member

2nd place: 15 gold, 2000 silver, 7 days premium per team member

3rd place: 10 gold, 1250 silver, 5 days premium per team member


Less than 8 teams will result in the prizes being reduced by 50%

10 teams or more will result in prizes being increased by 50%

More than 15 teams and gold and premium is increased by 50% and silver is doubled.



This competition is only for players on the Standalone version of the game.

If you wish to transfer your account Steam to the Standalone version, you need to follow the instructions in this post:




May the best team win,

Your RF4 Team

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  • Elwoodiath2 changed the title to Team Tournament - 'The Moneymakers' 08/19 - 08/21
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2 minutes ago, akhmar86 said:

Team Name: Nusantara Anglers
Team Captain: akhmar86
Team Members:
The Red Giants


kindly please delete my 1st post, forgot how=/

Why are you poting the same registration twice ? If you need to change something, just edit your post.

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4 hours ago, SPIC.Y said:

Have you started?


Registration takes place from Thursday 08/12 until Thursday 08/19 at 10:30 EST - 16:30 CET

The tournament starts Thursday 08/19 at 11:00 EST - 17:00 CET and ends at Saturday 08/21 11:00 EST - 17:00 CET.


This is in the original post.

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Greetings Anglers,


Here are the results. Prizes will be paid out by Friday 27/8.

Team Total Place
Nusantara Anglers 58.34 1
The Mafia 51.911 2
Made in Thailand 51.757 3
IFT Italia 48.692 4
The Vikings 46.506 5
The Fake Vikings 42.605 6


Player Team Fish Mass
Spicy Made in Thailand Beloribitsa Whitefish 21.453
GurameAsamManis Nusantara Anglers Beloribitsa Whitefish 19.548
philaitch1 The Mafia Beloribitsa Whitefish 16.367
Cypher_x9 The Vikings Beloribitsa Whitefish 15.409
bruno032558 IFT Italia Beloribitsa Whitefish 13.450
Enzo Matrix The Fake Vikings Beloribitsa Whitefish 11.459
Crazy85x IFT Italia Eastern Bream 5.110
Alexis_X9 The Vikings Eastern Bream 4.743
AmirJerung Nusantara Anglers Eastern Bream 4.262
Steelhead The Fake Vikings Eastern Bream 4.031
oosaveoo Made in Thailand Eastern Bream 4.021
WizzardNZ The Mafia Eastern Bream 3.975
Akhmar86 Nusantara Anglers Wild Carp 34.530
VonPrkl The Mafia Wild Carp 31.569
Smith82 IFT Italia Wild Carp 30.132
Monjak The Fake Vikings Wild Carp 27.115
xiix Denise xiix The Vikings Wild Carp 26.354
Mooyongz Made in Thailand Wild Carp 26.283

Thanks to all for participating!

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