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Q&A Knowledge and understanding 1: Bleak.

Muslum Gurses

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The subject of this discussion is:





Q: Where can you catch the fish species?

A: All water bodies except Cottage pond, Kuori Lake, Lower Tunguska River and Yama River 


Q: On which water body are they most frequently caught?

A: Winding Rivulet, Old Burg Lake, Volkhov River


Q: What setup do you catch it with?

A: Simple float fishing rods are the best way to catch it, I would suggest using a fluorocarbon line 1.2kg - 1.7kg with a hook size in between 18 and 24, with a depth set in between 17-30cm


Example of the setup I would use to catch bleak:



Q: Is there any recommended setup? 

A:  The bamboo rod from the cottage pond as it has a fast action, and the test on the rod is more than enough.


Q: What is their bait?

A: They can be caught with a lot of different kinds of bait such as  Fly, Pearl barley, Caster, Blood worm, Maggot. For more baits please check the weekly records.


Q: Groundbait?

A: There is no known groundbait for these species.


Additional information: Bleaks are great to catch for beginners, medium level player and high level players.

Bleaks are usually caught because they are small fish with great experience,  also are a cheap alternative way to train your harvesting baits skill.

You do require a bait bucket and must have harvesting baits skills greater than 65%. 

The bleak baitfish are mostly used by the medium/high level players to fish for Beloribitsa whitefish using baitfish rig setup with a bottom fishing rod.

Even after being able to make the baitfish you are still required to have 85% in bottom fishing skill to be able to use the setup.

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