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Conventional reels features explained!


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Changing the gear:

Some of the conventional reels (i.e. Triumph 30S) have gear shifting functionality. It allows you to switch between gear ratios of the reel. Key combination for switching the gear ratio is "CTRL" + "Spacebar"


What is the difference between gears ?

When are you fishing with shiftable reel, you're guiding your lure on faster gear ratio of the reel.

Faster gear ratio is also recommended when are you fishing for agile fish (taimens, salmons, trouts, etc.) because they're fast and they like to change their movement direction and you can loose your line tension during the fight.


The slower gear ratio is good, when heavy fish kicks in. You need more drag power to pull the fish out of the water and lower gear ratio is exactly the right thing you need. So when you go fish for Catfish, the lower gear ratio will be your best friend.


Baitcasting vs Conventional reel:

What is the difference ? Many of you will be confused at first why the reels are so expensive, although the "braking forces" are similar to the regular baitcasting reels. What is special about Conventional reels that it justifies an extra charge ?


Both the small 10-30 as well as the large conventional reels have very well "processed and coordinated" components. Gear wear is lower and the load capacity is significantly higher than with classic baitcasting reels.


So it can be possible that even smaller 10-20 models can generate a force similar to the "Rocket Jet RJ7" reel. The line capacity is also ahead of classic baitcasting reels.


Should you use Conventional reels for standard situations ?

Conventional reels have their advantages, but they are not better in every situation. There are models with relatively low minimum casting weight, but it can be clearly seen that the Classic Baitcasting reels showing their strength here.


As a rule, the Conventional Reels are more suitable for heavy baits such as Jerkbaits and Jigheads to catch a big fish. The Conventional Reels are great for trolling too.


So that is all that I have for you today.


Good luck and tight lines fellow anglers.


Credits goes to: @TpCatch


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