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Hello to the community!

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Hello to you all!


Forgot that I haven't made a topic saying hello to this lovely community.

First of all, my friends know me by the name of Johan, and ingame my name is ZaoN

I'm a hardcore fly fisherman in real life, since I live by the coast outside of Gothenbourgh on an Island.

And ingame om a hardcore floatfisher man, mostly with the match rods searching for the next trophy carp most of the times!


I'm a 30 year old man from Sweden, and been living the dream on my Island with my animals, dogs and cats. Some cows and chickens are included aswell.

I live of my land, and grow all sorts of herbs and potatoes/cabbage/cucumbers/eggs.


If im not online, I'm most asured on the hunt for my next big Sea Trout, as my PB is right now 5.757kg and 72 cm long.


Tight Lines and take care!







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