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PVA carried over to Baitfish rig when switching between rigs

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When switching from a Pop-up Rig where PVA is used, to a Baitfish rig (which is not showing PVA), PVA will still be consumed on every cast while fishing with baitfish.
This was discovered while using baitfish rig on Amber lake.


Reproducing the problem:
I reproduced the problem with a Fortuna Carp on Amber Lake

  1. Setup the rod with a full Pop-Up setup with a 50 stack of PVA
  2. Switched to Baitfish Rig, equipped hook, leader and live-bait
  3. Casted 5 times
  4. Switched back to Pop-Up. Now the PVA stack is still equipped, and only shows 45 portions



Simple workaround is to remove the PVA prior to switching, but has to be done before switching rig. Baitfish rig do not have the option for PVA, and therefore it cannot be removed after.

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